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Begrafven – Dödsriket

begrafven – dödsriket

I know, the album cover is quite below par, I know…

After the self-titled demo in 2013, which was reviewed by your truly by the way…just pointing out a little fact here, it became quiet around Swedish Begrafven, which means “buried” in their native language so the connection with the lack of news or activity can be easily made. But you are not here for my humour or puns…are you? Nah, you would be fuckin’ disappointed every time.

Back to dig up Begrafven and to listen if they are still sounding like they did on their demo 7 years ago. Well, we can leave 1990s Nordic Black Metal on the list for sure and the melodic approach is still there as well. I mentioned “something Taake or old Arckanum would produce having Dimmu Borgir’s “Stormblast” played as last album before entering the studio” in my review of their demo and I stand by my description as they pick bits and pieces of their older albums, although the sound isn’t hazy or fuzzy or anything like that.But it does have those typical riffs, approach and melodies.

Add a wink to the Finnish scene as well and you have a well-played 1990s Nordic Black Metal which contains a good amount of melody which I consider an enjoyable listen. (Ricardo)