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Barad Dûr – Vergeltung

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Sometimes you stumble upon a band or album for no good reason, but at the end you’re glad that it happened. I had the same thought with these black souls from Germany: Barad Dûr. Although they have already released 2 albums prior to “Vergeltung” (one released by Darker than Black Records), I cannot say I’m familiar with their work. Riff-driven Black Metal with room for pace changes and atmospheric melodies, with an emphasis on the “atmospheric” part if you ask me. Can’t say Barad Dûr does something special or genius, but they are able to write good riffs and build good songs with them. To be blunt, I don’t ask more from a band to be honest. The Burzum-esque shrieking vocals completes the sorrow and raw darkness Barad Dûr tries to transform into musical form. As said, nothing special but still a good listen. (Ricardo)