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Putrid Offal

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Formed in 1991, the death metal/grindcore band from France called Putrid Offal had a nice start in the beginning, but troubles came up after releasing some demo’s and split albums, which resulted in a sudden death from this band …but in the year 2014 they reformed, and now, 20 years later, their first full-length album is a fact. A short explanation from bassist Fred Houriez about their reformation and first full-length ever can be read on VM Underground! (Fredde)

Hello, how’s the weather in France for the moment? And off course, how is it going personally?
A good winter weather but all is fine.

First of all, I’m glad you guys are back! I’m only 33 years old, so I was just 10 years when your first demo and EP were released, but I guess I’m not the only one that likes albums from ‘veterans’ hehe. No, serious, with the digital world nowadays it’s easy for younger people to dig up old school metal music. Are you fan of this digital world to spread music or do you only swear by LP’s and albums you can store in your collection?
You must live with your century. I have a good opnion of the digital world. I mean, it’s more easier for a band to be known now than in the nineties. You have tons of tools to do that. There’s only two things that digital can’t give : talent and creativity. About the LP, I d’on’t swear about it but I like having the object in my hands, to see a cover in a normal size. Nowadays, a band is not only a music thing, there’s also all the image around it.

Well, the band already got a long history, but just now in the year 2015 your first full-length album is released. Explain us why it has taken so long? Off course I know you guys split around the year 1994, but the main reason for that split is perhaps for some readers also not that clear…can you give some comment about that too?
When we split in 1994, Franck and me continued in a band called M.Pheral but we didn’t play grind/death. It was an industrial project with machines. When our drummer, Boris, left the band, we didn’t want to search a new guy so Putrid Offal has fallen in a long lethargy.

‘Mature Necropsy’ is the title of the album, obviously referring to the split album ‘Premature Necropsy’. Who came up with that idea as album title…and can you tell us in your own words the link between the split album?
The idea is from me. When we decided to rearrange all our back catalog, we did it for us not for a label. So when Kaotoxin has been seduced by the stuff, the project took a new direction. With our experience, our technological knowledge, the songs sounds more mature than in the nineties. The sounds are more clear, the songs more brutal and fat. That’s why, we, with Kaotoxin, have decided to do a double CD with Mature in one hand and Premature in the other. The listener can compare the two periods.

I’ve read that old school Carcass was an important influence for the sound of Putrid Offal. Is that correct? And it’s pretty coincidental that you guys reformed after the great comeback of these pioneers or is that by chance? Honestly, I really made that link haha
I’m definitively a Carcass fan ! I’ve grew up with these guys. I got their demos and EP from the eighties. We try to take distance in our composition with Carcass and the fact that Philippe has joined us is a good thing. He has not the same influences and he told me, “we can’t do that it sounds like a Carcass songs !”. He brings his ideas and they are numerous. About the reformation, it’s only a coincidence, nothing else.

This release is a re-mastered version from the original analog tapes in the history of Putrid Offal. I guess many fans will be enjoyed they can have polished tracks from the beginning period…but aren’t you afraid that some fans will have another opinion and swear by the old recorded versions? And what exactly have you guys changed in comparison with the original tracks on this new release?
Some guys prefer the old version, it’s their choice. Personnally, I prefer the new ones. They are very well thought out. We worked on these songs for six months. We made new parts, took off others. The main things is that we took our time to find a very good guitars sound and the voices. In the nineties, we recorded the split LP in two days so nothing was very well thought out.

After an absence of about 20 years you guys all had to rehearse those song over and over again I guess…was that something difficult or was this something like riding a bike after suffering a broken leg for you?
It wasn’t difficult because we have always played music even if it wasn’t in a band. In fact, we have listened to the old version one time, then we have started to work on the new version and we have cut some parts, added new ones like we were in the 90s.

Drummer Laye Louhenapessy is the new drummer…can you tell us something more about him, and why have you chosen him to join the band? I’ve noticed he’s from the year 1991, perhaps that’s some kind of superstitious fact or so…And many fans surely wonder why Boris isn’t part of the band anymore? Okay, his last contribution was in the year 1994, but when reuniting a band, mostly the line-up from the old era is asked first to join I guess?
Boris and Ludo didn’t want to be include in this project. So we have worked with programming until Laye, who is the Dehuman drummer too, join us. We take him because he is a very good drummer in grind parts. We have tried several drummers before him and they didn’t do the job. Laye has very quickly understood what we need from him. And he has a good state of mind.

Same question, but then for guitarist Philippe Reinhalter who’s also a new face in the line-up…
Philippe played in Division Alpha before Putrid Offal. He is a very good friend of us since a very long time. A soon as I talk to him about this project, he was seduced. So we started to work together to rearrange the songs and then Franck came to put his voice on the new version.

Promoting an album, the best way off course is spreading your music through shows…already some shows planned in the future? If yes, can you give us some sort of schedule? And I live in Belgium…any chance I can visit a show there soon? If not, shame on you haha. Also, excited to go live on air (French radio ‘Killing Machine’)?
You are a lucky guy ! We play in Belgium at the Unideath fest in Roeselare in may 23th ! By the way, we are booked for the Obscene Extreme fest (Czech) in july and at the Death feast (germany) in september. Others dates are in discussion.

Do you still follow the metal scene these days? Any French bands that we have to check out immediately according to you? Any bands you truly dislike (it doesn’t always have to be positive, ha!)
We have always following the metal scene. For example, I’m a bit disappointed with the last Bloodbath or the first Entombed AD. But I’m enjoying the last Godflesh, incredibly powerful. About the french bands, we loved Benighted, Loudblast, Ad Patres, Blockheads. There’s a grind band that I like a lot, maybe you know it, it’s Department of Correction. Their music is devastating.

How’s the underground scene in France…many places where underground metal can be seen/heard or can this be improved you think?
Like others countries, there are tons of bands in every death metal music style. There’s also a lot of places to give shows. It’s rather good. You can always improve like more underground french bands in the french festivals, but it’s not bad. A french band can do a good local career here.

I already mentioned Carcass in one of my previous questions…but are there other bands or styles that stole your heart during your life?
Personnaly, Carcass is my fave band. I grow up with them, I’ve got their demos and first EP. I also like grind bands such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Agathocles, General Surgery, Regurgitate, Necrony, Exit 13, Rotten sound and many others. Outside death metal music, I listen a lot of industrial music and some electro one which give me a good inspiration.

I read that new tracks will be written…how is that working out so far? And will you use these tracks for another full-length or will you stick with an EP?
Yes, we have six new songs. One, Livor mortis, has been used on our Suffering EP. The others should be used for another EP which will be out at the end of 2015, early 2016.

On the internet some people talk that the old albums are ‘rare’ objects these days, and if you like to purchase them, you easily pay 10 times the price. Did you know that and do you think there’s a specific reason for that besides the limitations of copies made back in the days?
In fact, I never seen this. One day, a fan told me that our split LP with Exulceration is sold 150 $ ! I was very surprised. I just know that what is rare is expensive. But in Putrid Offal’s case, it’s a bit strong !

Putrid Offal, what does it mean exactly? Enlighten us…
Pieces of body in decomposition and putrefaction.

Nice artwork, it somehow does remind me of the one from Bloodbath’s album titled ‘The Wacken Carnage’…more precisely…I think they’ve used the foot, and you were the lucky ones to use the rest of the body? Or am I wrong?
It could be that ! I have always been interested in medical stuff. So when I proposed this cover to the rest of the band, they agreed immediatly.

Well, I guess I’m out of questions for now…any last words for our readers? Any last message to spread?
Thanks a lot for your interest and support. Listen Mature necropsy and you will have a steamroller between your ears ! Thanks for the interview!

Putrid Offal

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