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Kaeck – “Zyklon-B and Niden Div 187 are great examples for us…”

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  • Band(s): Kaeck
  • Interview Date: November 15, 2015

From out of nowhere I received a message in which the existence of Kaeck has been announced who just crawled past the seven gates of hell. A new Black Metal band from The Netherlands, but with members in the line-up who are being active in the Black Metal underground for more than 20 years. After one spin it is obvious “Stormkult” is created for 1990s Norwegian Black Metal worshippers, who are into raw, pure and warlike riff driven hymns and embrace the aggressiveness of Zyklon-B, War and Tsjuder while darkness has been summoned. (Ricardo)

What is the meaning of the moniker Kaeck? I assume it has nothing to do with the Dutch word “Kaak” (“Jaw” is English), tell us more about it.
Oovenmeester: Kaeck is a fictional deity, a terribile god like the Celtic god Teutates. Any god is fictional off course. So why not create our own. His name is often referred to within the lyrics and the cover of the album is an altar devoted to Kaeck.

You’ve been described with musical references like Blasphemy, old Immortal, Impaled Nazarene and Zyklon-B. Rather the fast and intense side of Black / War Metal. Can you relate with those references? What were the first bands or albums you mentioned to each other to create “Stormkult”?
Agitator: Zyklon-B and Niden Div 187 are great examples for us, because we all like these raw and aggressive bands, also old Gehenna has a atmosphere we like and want to create as well. Furthermore it’s are own way of writing and creating.
Chaos: When I first read the names we were being compared to I was damn pleased. With Sammath I try to make it as aggressive as possible without ending up sounding like a grindcore band. Kaeck is pure black metal, something ive been wanting to do for years. Sammath ended up being a killer extreme metal band and is doing well, singing to Hammerheart, But it simply never happened. Since the first Sammath album in 98 ive always been searching for that sound, but couldn’t do it by myself. Meeting up with Oovenmeester en Agitator made the path clear. We just started to write music. The day before we started Kaeck I bought a guitar tuned in B from mr Michiel Dekker from The monolith deathcult, I started playing with this and riffs appeared from out of nowhere. I wrote all the riffs and tracks in 6 weeks.

There is no official demo, yet Folter Records didn’t hesitate to sign Kaceck right away. Did it help Folter Records is an old contact of yours, as you have released several Sammath albums on that label, to seal the deal? Where there other labels interested? How did the deal took place, you have send some advanced tracks of the album, or you contacted labels with a 100% ready album?
Chaos: We send the entire cd to different labels, including Folter. This is the label that has supported me since 1996. He really wanted to release it, and I know I can trust him 100 procent. Also Folter always releases quality products. To be honest I knew Kaeck was good and that we wouldn’t have a problem getting a deal, but its still damn good that I can get it released by my old label. Many great memories with Folter. Other labels did show interest, but once Folter wanted it I respectfully declined all others. Folter is black metal to the bone, since 1990.

Let’s analyse “Stormkult”…Can you tell us more about writing the songs and did everything went well at the studio? Why have you chosen this cover as artwork? Can you tell us more about the lyrical concept of the album? And why you have chosen the Dutch language for the lyrics (although with Sammath and Kjeld you have already have used the Dutch (or dialect) language)
Agitator: Actually we produced the songs in 3 different studio’s. The drums and bass guitar and vocals were recorded at my homestudio, the Nordevelt studio. Chaos recorded the guitars at his homestudio. (age of the sword) I mixed the different groups and have send them to JB van der Wal. He created the final mix by putting it all together and made it sound like a Tiger tank 70 years ago!
Chaos: The great thing about Kaeck, for me, is the fact that the lyrics were written by someone who is Dutch borrn and also grew up here. My Dutch is absolute shit. I am Dutch born but was away many years. The lyrics are great and damn well written, Oovenmeester vocals are totally insane. The artwork like said before, depicts an altar devoted to the deïty Kaeck. With several elements wich are traditionally used in rites of demonic summoning or consultation.
Oovenmeester: We have tried to make it as atmosferic as possible and break out of the black and white concept wich is so often used in black metal art. The book in the photo symbolically contains the albums’ lines of text used to address Kaeck. Wich can be found within the album. The lyrics are all hand written by G.T. Dringenberg. Another special feature we wanted specifically, to make the album as unique as possible. The red lines within the lyrical concept are the deïty Kaeck and travels to and from the dark crevasses of the human mind and dreams and thoughts of grandeur and guilt. The song: “de Heerser wederkeert” for example describes a person’s travel from the darkest of his subconsciousness to his self created, fantastical world. Where he reigns supreme. Something people might do to escape when in severe psychological stress. The track: “Afgod” describes a living idol, wich sacrafices parts of his own body to Kaeck: a terrible and greedy god. The idol hopes to favour Kaeck in this way and thus averting it’s wrath. The lyrics can seem cryptical at some times. But by using these pointers i think they often are quite self-explaining. If you understand Dutch of course. The Dutch language can be a agressive and dramatic language when used in the right way. And it is therefore that we decided to use it.