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Sinful Eternity – Rituals for the Dead

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Why starting with a tormenting soundscape intro clocking over 5 minutes? Sure, more bands in the Depressive/Ambient Black Metal scene are doing this, but what the deuce…Or the “tormenting” part is the clue here…Oh well, Depressive Black Metal from Hungary this time, and it is a one-man project as well. With the “gasping for air”- Depressive Black Metal vocals at the background of the mix, the atmosphere is quite eerie. Ofcourse the keyboard atmosphere bits and repeating riffs are present as well, which are quite common in this particular genre. Musicwise it’s not all bad, but not catchy either. Sinful Eternity is no Coldworld, Anti, Deathrow or Elysian Blaze, it lacks quality to recommend this to anyone who enjoys the mix of Depressive and Ambient Black Metal. But I’m not the biggest fan of this genre because of the many lo-fi and mostly therefore quality-lacking or decreasing-urge-to-listen releases. If you ask me, there are better releases in this genre, but if you are a fan who likes to hear every release, feel free to give it a try in your tape-deck. (Ricardo)