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Pantheïst – The Pains Of Sleep [EP]

pantheïst – the pains of sleep [ep]


Just after the release of the well received Amartia at the end of the summer of 2005 Pantheist returns with an EP with the well-fitting name “The Pains Of Sleep”. The word ‘EP’ might not be the best description here as it still clocks in over a full hour of funereal hymns. Russian fans were able to buy the release already in November 2005 but the Europeans had to wait till spring 2006, but it was worth – the rather short – wait. This EP consists out of two newly composed and recorded tracks, a cover and the remastered “1000 Years”-demo from 2001, worth the check.

The first two new studio tracks are clearly not much older than the ones that were put on the “Amartia”-album as they kind of breathe the same atmosphere and feeling. The revamped line-up really added something to the band as the compositions are far more interesting than what they displayed on “O Solitude” back in 2003. The ingredients are still the same, very heavy orchestrated funeral doom with an organ and sung both in grunts as well as (semi) clean and epic vocals. I feel that production-wise there could’ve been a few things better in order to get a full-blown impact but this way it has got an older feeling. Like “Pavor Nocturnus” reminds me more than often of the first two Paradise Lost albums, both musically as in terms of vocal use. These two tracks alone are worth the buy of this EP as they won’t disappoint any Pantheist fan. People who are into bands like Esoteric, Officium Triste and Until Death Overtakes Me could try this. The other six tracks are the demo from 2001 in a remastered condition, these tracks are unknown to me as I missed the demo back then but they are nothing short of a surprise to me. They are much better then the average demo-material and with the revamped sound it sounds pretty amazing, actually. With me being partial to anything obscure and old this is a something like a treat to me. These songs already promised a band with great quality and talents. As an extra there is this live video for the “Envy Us”-track recorded at the infamous club in Ghent, Belgium, The Frontline. Value for money I would say.


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