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Our Loss Is Total – I

our loss is total – i


The creation of Germany’s Our Loss Is Total came about in the year 2020 from curiosity, intrigue and a desire to explore. Erected from the initial core of members and the producer of the last album for the Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band Neaera. Needing someone on the mic they decide to reach out to and aquire the vocalist from Heaven Shall Burn (Metalcore). And with their powers combined you get exactly what you would expect from a group with a background such as this. Black Metal.

‘I’ is four tracks clocking in at just over thirty-nine minutes of Atmospheric Black Metal. A rather bleak ride that takes you through all the typical ups and downs in flow and aggression that you have come to expect from an album of this ilk. There is nothing surprisingly spectacular or outright amazing here but at the same time every thing is just right as it should be and good. It’s good. Plain and simple good Atmospheric Black Metal.

‘I’ from “Our Loss Is Total is a concept album consisting of four intense songs, which dive into the birth, expansion and decline of the human race.” And that is per the band themselves. And I would say the moods and feels found within ‘I’ fit this description very well.

With Our Loss Is Total’s ‘I’ being this group of musicians first foray into a new style; I would have to say that they have done a pretty damn fine job of it. This is a really good debut that shows the strengths of the members and a depth and understanding of songwriting. ‘I’ is quite good for a debut but I’m, personally, more excited about what could come next from Our Loss Is Total.

Our Loss Is Total

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