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Malignancy – Eugenics

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Roger J.Beaujard will ring a bell with most fans of the brutal death metal scene, because the co-founder of Mortician had decided in 1992 to form a second band named Malignancy in this music style. Already two full-length albums titled “Intrauterine Cannibalism” (1999) and “Inhuman Grotesqueries” (2007).were released, along with plenty demo’s, EP’s, splits and compilation. Both full-length albums scored huge points in the media, so now five years later the long awaited new creation from these Americans has been released in October 2012 on the Willowtip Records label. The new disc is born as “Eugenics” and from the beginning it grabs you with the balls! When you put on the disc, a true wall of death is unlocked and the fast and furious riffs, the intense hyperblasts, hysteric rhythms and top-speed guitar and drum play accompanied with aggressive bass parts makes you get an adrenaline shot. Listen for example to “Monstrous Indifference” where the magnificent tempo-changes shows the technical knowhow of this band. Only one track starts off less furious then the others, more precisely track “Separatists” with its calm start to slowly burst out into a bomb with the rough voice of frontman Danny Nelson. Yes, brutal death metal in an old school jacket, who won’t like this. Okay, with its duration of 30 minutes this album is perfect to listen at, because I’m sure that one more song on this disc would be that one too much if you know what I mean. Great album so have a listen to it! (Fredde)