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Finnugor – Death Before Dawn

finnugor – death before dawn

Adipocere is a label with a good name in the underground scene. The label released lots of albums of great bands, in the past and nowadays; to name a few: Moonspell, Carcariass, Christ Agony and Diabolical Masquerade. I’m really wondering why labels releases albums like ‘Death Before Dawns’ of Finnugor.

The bio-sheet tells us this album is a piece of mystical and dark metal with dark melodies, symphonic parts and fast rhythms. And this is correct, the atmosphere on the album is very dark and mystical, there are a lot of synths used on the album; in my opinion too much synths, and indeed I can hear also some faster/raw parts.Yet I’m not very positive about this album, and I think I won’t be the only one. The songs are very standard, the musical level of the songs isn’t very high, I’m getting very nervous of the synth melodies and the artwork is very ugly, and so on… I’m really wondering or there are people who will like this album. Attila Csihar; Yes indeed THE Attila!! Is a special guest on the song ‘Cosmic Nest of Decay’ which is also the highlight of the album. But even Mr. Csihar couldn’t make the song really interesting.

I have just one advise for Finnugor, practice more or quit! And to all readers of this review; just ignore this album. (GeertVM)