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Devilpact – Θεοφάνια

devilpact – Θεοφάνια


To call upon an entity that bares no name, to summon that which is unknown can be likened to honing one’s emotions and harnessing the unbridled force that some may shun and from that womb of attrament sometimes may birth the most honest art…for it is like blood being spilt from open wounds, where the sand drinks the ichor in it’s nakedness.

Devilpact’s ‘Θεοφάνια’ is an album that I believe supports the same sentiment above, as it is an altar molded from the most impious sounds that serves as a zennith to bring forth a deity devoid of light. But what exactly fosters this incantation?

Structurally, the album is built from the vocal delivery that acts as the brick and mortar to this citadel, for at times the voice that rings forth gives the illusion of one who is subservient as he recites these psalms from a mind that draws from a well of ancient knowledge. It is the way in which these verses are sputtered that offers a veil of obscurity to it’s motions.

‘Оковы праведников – плети искушения’ and ‘Врата милосердия’ are songs which showcases the different variations for which this tongue carves it’s sermons, where the tempo can range from feeling as though the passages are being spoken to the same words appearing as though they flow from a vessel being inhibited by a archaic force.

A nuance that is appreciated through ‘Θεοφάνια’ is the path in which the musical elements cascade into each other, but more importantly the vehemence of the instruments feels like the byproduct of the vocals, like an alchemic process whereby words are transfigured into that of stygian sound in its most purest strain.’Ведьмин круг’ is a song which attests to this,as the unification of the strings and drums exhibit a serpentine quality to it’s playing where the feverish tempos are concerned. From my listening experience, it’s these moments that magnifies the ritualistic setting making it rather immersive for one’s senses.

Devilpact has forged a diadem of fire with ‘Ведьмин круг’ worthy of its reverence creating an occult-like setting for whoever listens to these sounds, they would be anointed in it’s malefic spirit. (Justin Joseph)


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