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Csejthe – L’horreur de Čachtice

csejthe – l’horreur de Čachtice

Cjesthe from Quebec, Canada, are here with their third full-length called “L’horreur de Čachtice” and has a sinister theme on a Slovakian region and castle with the same name which was once in possession of Elizabeth Báthory. And to make it complete; Csejthe is Hungarian for Čachtice. That’s all for the trivia this evening, back to the music.

“L’horreur de Čachtice” is filled with Slavic Black Metal combined with the Canadian and French scene, yet not the atmospheric kind you know from the Eastern European / Russian / Ukrainian front,  but more raw and straightforward yet with melodic twists kind. I can’t help to throw Nehemäh in as a reference point to give you a push in the right direction. With the previous album “Réminiscence”, Csejthe would be a great touring partner for a band like Forteresse, but with “L’horreur de Čachtice” it flows more into a grim version of themselves, grim yet accessible.

A pleasant listen and for me it is clear that  “L’horreur de Čachtice” is a good effort and a decent addition to the discography of Csejthe. (Ricardo)