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Isataii – “Death to Colonized America and forever at war against Religious Scum!”

isataii – “death to colonized america and forever at war against religious scum!”


Leonardo Da Vinci once remarked that the painter has the universe in his mind and hands, this is a statement i believe to be a fact, for so whoever bestows onto reality an idea that was once bred in the womb of one’s imagination and wills it into this physical realm, it is indeed a universe that is worth exploring. Isataii, a one-man Black Metal band summons forth an earthly resonance to his art, wherein the sounds exude an organic candor to its movements weaving together a world that radiates an ancient and live-in aura. Drawing upon the inspiration from the indigenous culture and themes fused together with the flesh of Raw Black Metal, Isataii indeed fashions from the clay a world that draws you in and intersects with your very senses, producing a transcendental yet entrancing listening journey. To you the readers, i hope the following interview entices you enough to immerse yourself in this artist’s offerings, to dissect its elements and draw from it the atmosphere you so desire.


Greetings, i would first like to extend my many thanks to you for facilitating this interview, for it is my honor and pleasure to be hosting this, truth be told…i have been looking forward to this one for some while, so let us begin! Firstly, the entity that is Isataii, can you give the readers an insight to how this project came about from its conception to reality? In addition to this, i would like to delve a little deeper, would you mind explaining the core ideology of Isataii, both as a band and as an entity, what exactly is the crux of this being?
Aho! Definitely, So Isataii started back in 2021 during the Pandemic known as The Covid Era. I started it because my Live band “Kvlt of Odium” wasn’t able to play shows and because they were all cancelled due to the sickness. I realized I needed and Outlet for not only representing love for Black Metal but also my passion for my culture. So I saw this as a great opportunity to blend both. So Isataii is a Native American Black Metal band dedicated to bringing not only my people (Penetuka Comanche) but also creating a space for all Indigenous cultures here in the Black Metal Genre.

Since 2021 you have released a plethora of music be it in the form of demos, Eps, Splits and Full lengths, this is quite impressive for such a short span, so my next question deals with the creative process, since you are the sole creator, can you describe the mindset and the process you must undergo to achieve this artistic ability? In other words, the act of creating, is there a certain ritual or state that you must put yourself into? Would you be able to divulge into this?
Haha. So honestly without sounding too egotistical I just have so much creativity that it’s just waiting to be released. And as far as where it comes from and what inspires me is truly my love for the music and my cultures spirit. I love creating and I love getting lost in the writing process because there’s no limits to what you can do especially because it is a one man band. I have allot of hatred for colonized society and religion. So channeling that into my riffs and songwriting really is a lot of the driving force here with Isataii.

Bleeding forth from the previous question, i would like to know more about your creative forces, for i would believe to produce that vast amount of releases your ideas are very much bountiful in its flow? So where do you draw your inspiration from, be it from whatever medium it may be?
Awesome question. Really like a said in my last response it comes from somewhere deep within me almost an Ancestral Power that flows through me. I can’t explain it but I could literally write full songs in my head and finally get home to plug in and record. I feel as if tho the spirit of my people take over and unleash these songs and I’m the vessel for this process. I don’t like a lot of what’s coming out in today’s age as far as music or anything artistic. I feel it has no soul no real human aspect. So what I stand for is pure originality.

If i am not mistaken, you also play guitar in Kvlt of Odium, seeing as that band is a full outfit versus where Isataii is only yourself, how would you say it differs, both the spirit of the music and the approach?
Kvlt of Odium is my love project in which was started to carry on the original ideals an aesthetic as far as true Black Metal. I feel this project is in appreciation toward my need to perform live and give the world the true meaning of Black Metal and take it back to it’s roots. As for Isataii I have full control and it lets me get possessed and taken to another world where my people once ruled the land. And times were pure.


This year saw the release of your fourth full length, “In Vein Of The Ancestors” which in my opinion is a fantastic, enthralling work of art! Would you care to take us through the process of the inception of how this album came to be, also, how does this piece differ from the last 2 full length albums from 2022?
“In Vein of the Ancestors” definitely is my most proudest release yet. As I gave so much of myself and spirit in the writing process and the appreciation of my people. I decided to focus this album a lot more on Native American awareness and it’s beliefs and ideology. I had a lot of fun with this album in it I paid tribute to the morals and mentality of the culture. I feel this album has also displayed my best songwriting and how it’s level of maturity is reached. I’m very proud of this album and thank you for your honouring words.

So i would like to talk about your influences in terms of the indigenous themes you incorporate into your music, firstly, what exactly was the driving force that compelled you to merge these themes with Black Metal? Following up on this, to you as an individual what do these themes of culture mean to you?
Definitely my driving force was just the overall atmosphere of the true indigenous times. The Accomplishments and the hardships. The victories and the losses. I grew up with knowledge about my people all around me. And have always carried a sense of pride of knowing I came from The Comanche people also known as The Lords of the Southern Plains. Black Metal for me as always been a warlike genre. It was rooted to the defiance against Christianity and the rebellion against it. My people fought against this plague religion and waged wat against it. It only makes sense to merge these two because it goes hand and hand with each other.

Recently there seems to be much interest within the realm of Black Metal where indigenous themes are concerned, even though there are other bands who have been doing this for some whiles, why do you think there exist an influx in this blending of styles? Also, for the readers who may be wanting to discover new bands who incorporate these themes, are there any you would recommend?
I think that we are in a time where people are hungry for something new. Something to feel more connected to spiritually and culturally. Indigenous Black Metal has always been around but I believe Certain attention has been getting mainstream fans to open their eyes to this movement. Although I’m against the mainstream and forever wish to remain underground I feel that Indigenous Black Metal is something to take notice because although Black Metal started as a European genre it’s concepts and ways of mentality can truly relate to all ethnicities and cultures.
Oh most definitely. Indigenous Black Metal bands to look out for would definitely be Mutilated Tyrant, Pan American Native Front, Burnt Lodge, Coyokiztli, Iisnaahi, and Tzompantli.

As an Artist i am certain when you create you have certain goals in mind, in terms of what the listener gains from your art, what would you wish they take away from their listening journey? What would be the goal of Isataii to impart onto its listeners?
I would say for them to understand the importance of the original inhabitants of this land. And to understand what they went through and what they stood for. Their ways of life and customs. And to know the truth behind organized religion and it’s poison that took the lives of millions of innocent woman and children all because they wanted to force this filth to replace their identities.

Going back to “In Vein Of The Ancestors”, the way the release is represented, it is done in a lo-fi, raw manner, what exactly compelled you to bring this atmosphere to the release as opposed to clear and clean production? Do you think Isataii thrives more as a Raw Black Metal outfit?
Oh of course. My goal for Isataii was never to have top notch production and a massive produced sound. I grew up on bands like Venom, Celtic Frost, Satanic Warmaster, and Sargeist. So because of this love and appreciation I realized their goal was never to have a really clean sound but more to create memorable songs and sick ass riffs with a strong message. So I say that will forever hold true with everything that is released from me. Never forget your roots and always honour where you come from.

This is a question in which i am always interested in hearing the perspective from different artists, so, where Black Metal is concerned, how would you as a creator express your thoughts on it and its meaning as either a philosophy or genre, what does the spirit of it mean to you?
Black Metal to me is War, is Culture, is a wayy of life. It isn’t something to take lightly and deserves full respect. Isataii is my contribution in the appreciation of this genre. It’s a world where you give all of yourself and soul. Never ending possibilities in creativity and where you can take it.

Ending with this interview, i would like to express my thanks once again, for i took pleasure in preparing these questions, as well as being a fan of your project! I would leave the last words to you, anything you would like to impart onto the readers ?
Thank you for honouring me with this interview. I am completely grateful have had the pleasure of being interviewed by you.
Thank you to all my warriors of the Isataii tribe old and new for your support and dedication. Without all of you I would be nothing. A tribe is nothing without it’s members. With that being said.


Long Live True Native American and Indigenous Black Metal!
Death to Colonized America and forever at war against Religious Scum!
I would like to leave off with this statement.


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