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Caligari Records ready to release Purulency's first demo: "Purulent Death Doom of the lowest order, 4 noxious decompositions..."

January 18, 2024

Caligari Records is proud to release ‘Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions’, the first demo by Purulency.

Emerged in Kingsport, TN, in December of 2018 when Neal Williams brought forth a collection of riffs and song concepts to a friend, Alex Depew, who then joined the band on drums. In 2022, Garrett Morelock (guitar) and session/live members Harrison Hunt (vocals) and Carter Vickers (bass) joined.

The band recorded their first demo, ‘Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions’ in 2023. Lyrically, the band strays from the typical gore approach, choosing instead to focus on imagery related to “alien” or vaguely Lovecraftian worlds. Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Abhorrence, Demilich, Grave, Amorphis, Demigod, Convulse, and others, Purulency crafts a sound steeped in the traditions of Death Metal.

Purulent Death Doom of the lowest order, 4 noxious decompositions…out on cassette, limited to 150 copies, January 26th.

More info: Purulency; Caligari Records;

Grand Supreme Blood Court’s ‘‘Bow Down Before the Blood Court’ will be released on cassette by Into It Records: “When these 5 heavyweights come together to create music…”

December 27, 2023

Into It Records is super-excited to announce the first time ever release ‘Bow Down Before the Blood Court’ on cassette of this Dutch old school Doom/Death metal masterpiece. Does Grand Supreme Blood Court need any introduction?

The core of old Asphyx with Eric and Bob, the core of present Asphyx with Martin and Alwin and 4-stringer Theo on bass, known for his activities in some of Holland’s leading Death Metal bands. When these 5 heavyweights come together to create music you can be damn sure it old school Death Metal!

This will be the 100th title on Into It Records and the release is set for January 19th 2024 which is the 4-year anniversary of the label.

100% Old School Death Metal…damn right!

More info: Grand Supreme Blood Court; Into It Records;

Sepulchral Voice Records and Dark Descent Records reveals Vircolac's new album: "It is bloody, it is epic and it is timeless"

December 23, 2023

Today Sepulchral Voice Records and Dark Descent Records proudly announce the 23rd of February 2024 as international release date for Vircolac’s new full length album.

With their second album ‘Veneration’, Vircolac are balancing on a razor’s edge… confidently and with combat boots… creating their best release to date.

The album encompasses the whole world of Death Metal, but it also adds another world, a much darker one. The Wolves have managed to create an album full of anger and tragedy. An album full of doom and conviction and they spit it out into a world that is obviously choking on generic, soulless and technically “perfect” standard “Death Metal” releases.

You can hardly write and play Death Metal in a more personal and emotional way. Although the album does not reveal it’s entirety on first contact, it will be generous to those who fully engage in it. ‘Veneration’ meanders between choleric outbursts and epic arrangements with an eerie, deeply funereal atmosphere that apparently only Irish bands are capable of writing.

‘Veneration’ is bloody, it is epic and it is timeless. It combines tradition and Zeitgeist and consciously rejects everything that is polished, fashionable or blatant. The result: Vircolac’s black is darker and their fire is brighter. And this is what you can feel when it slowly creeps under your skin.

The album will appear on good old Compact Disc (Digipack), 12″ vinyl LP and all the digital formats. Our comrades of Dark Descent Records will conquer the new world, Sepulchral Voice Records infects the old world.

Vircolac stated the following:

As the sun stands still in the sky, in the depths of winter, at the darkest time of year, we are pleased to announce the international release of our second full length album ‘Veneration’.

Recorded during the the 10th year of the band’s existence with Shaun Cadogan at Last Light Recordings in April 2023. In the aftermath of our debut album, Masque, we met a world of fear induced mania resulting in our own retreat from the glaring light of day and into our respective lairs where we set about working towards what would become our second full length album, ‘Veneration’.

An intense labour of songwriting emerged during the winters of discontent coupled with the ebb and flow of musicians from the band resulting in a triumph over tragedy for the three core members that now form the nucleus of Vircolac.

The album title comes from many epic wanderings through an ancient landscape in solitude, seeing stone monuments from a long forgotten past that were erected to venerate the dead and so, as a nation where veneration is an essential part of the daily life of its people, and the past very much a place where the dead join the living, the question was prompted; who will venerate us? What have we done to warrant any veneration?

Thematically, the lyrics reflect on the many deathly topics infused in our ancient cultural lore. From the bloodshed that has fed the land for generations, to the gods and goddesses still invoked to this day and the fallen martyrs whose idealism never came to pass. And so, as in life, all comes to pass and as we fade, nothing shall remain.

Stylistically, Veneration is unquestionably a Death Metal album from beginning to end. Fusing expansive influences from outside the genre to bring a sense of melancholy, despair, triumph, anger and agony. ‘Veneration’ is a soaring and plunging experience of emotional tumult.

More info: Vircolac; Dark Descent Records; Sepulchral Voice Records;

Vaticinal Rites signs deal with Everlasting Spew Records and announces line-up news: "London-based Vaticinal Rites offer a visceral manifestation of Death Metal, drawing inspiration from the pioneering Floridian and European scenes of the early '90s."

December 21, 2023

Everlasting Spew Records is glad to finally announce Vaticinal Rites have agreed with Everlasting Spew Records to release their upcoming debut album in all the formats!

Formed in 2020, London-based Vaticinal Rites offer a visceral manifestation of Death Metal, drawing inspiration from the pioneering Floridian and European scenes of the early ’90s. Their music stands as a testament to their passion for the genre, interweaving thrash-induced riffs, classic Death Metal grooves, and haunting, ethereal leads, creating an unparalleled listening experience.

Following the success of their self-titled debut EP in 2021, the band has remained steadfast in crafting and producing their inaugural full-length destined to captivate enthusiasts of Extreme music and classic Heavy Metal alike.

Expect it to land sometime during spring 2024!

In other news is Vactinal Rites excited to announce the addition of Max Southall on drums and Chris Cleovoulou on second guitar:

You might recognise Max from his work in Vacuous and Hellripper. His undeniable talent has brought a whole new dynamic to our band, which you’ll experience live and on our upcoming album set to release next year.

Chris is one of the tightest guitarists we’ve ever met. He not only strengthens our sound but also allows us to execute harmonies, layers, and leads that wouldn’t have been possible with just one guitarist. It’s also an added bonus to have a fellow Cypriot in the lineup, making it an all-Greek guitar onslaught.

More info: Vaticinal Rites; Everlasting Spew Records;

Season of Mist is proud to welcome Gravenoire: "Driven by an unwavering vision, Gravenoire seeks to reconnect with the raw and unrelenting spirit of 90s Black Metal."

December 19, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a momentous addition to the Season of Mist family – the enigmatic black metal entity, Gravenoire. Emerging from the depths of the abyss in early 2022, Gravenoire is a formidable alliance of seasoned musicians: Maximilien Brigliadori (BÂ’A, Diablation, former Hyrgal), Emmanuel Zuccaro (BÂ’A, Verfallen, former Hyrgal), Vicomte Vampyr Arkames (Diablation, former Seth/Ad-Inferna), and RMS Hreidmarr (Glaciation, BÂ’A, former Anorexia Nervosa/The CNK).

Driven by an unwavering vision, Gravenoire seeks to reconnect with the raw and unrelenting spirit of 90s Black Metal. Their inaugural EP, ‘Devant la porte des étoiles’, is a demonstration of this commitment, recorded live in the crucible of their rehearsals – no tracking, no triggers, no click track, no artifice. The result is an uncompromising project, a portal to otherworldly dimensions forged through the crucible of reality itself.

Gravenoire is not a mere nostalgic echo; it is a project deeply rooted in the ancestral soils, embracing the traditions of their native lands. Their essence is drawn from the sacred, the cosmic, and the primordial, and summons whispers of ancient forces. As they proclaim: “The cosmos is a revolving door”

More info: Gravenoire; Season of Mist;

Svart Records eager to release the new Petrification album: "With Petrification’s top tier sonic depravity this album is promised to be looked back at as the measuring stick of what an old school Death Metal album of this era should be."

December 18, 2023

Petrification is about to unleash their cosmic curses upon mankind via Svart Records on 9th February

From the cold dank fog of Portland, Oregon USA re-emerges Petrification with their highly anticipated sophomore album nearly 5 years in the making titled ‘Sever Sacred Light’! Conjuring all the dark powers of Death, Doom, Punk and The Occult, Petrification brings their most barbaric, heavy, and yet sophisticated release to date. This new full-length opus will be released on Svart Records 9th of February 2024.

‘Sever Sacred Light’ paints a mental landscape of a crumbling universe magnified through the hysterical mind of a deranged and rottenly eccentric undead enigma ‘Arach-Ned’. ‘Sever Sacred Light’ illustrates vast musical growth from the critically acclaimed 2017 demo ‘Summon Horrendous Destruction’ and the 2018 full length debut of ‘Hollow of the Void’. They continue to advance and evolve while honoring the traditions and influence of ungodly masters of Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Coffins, and all the celebrated favorites of the early 90’s Finnish Death Metal scene such as Rippikoulu and Demigod. With Petrification’s top tier sonic depravity this album is promised to be looked back at as the measuring stick of what an old school Death Metal album of this era should be.

More info: Petrification; Svart Records;

Dead Earth inks deal with Chaos Records to re-issue 'Et Disperdam Illud': "...witness a new torchbearer of classic Swedish Melodic Black Metal..."

December 17, 2023

Chaos Records is proud to present the striking debut album of Sweden’s Dead Earth, ‘Et Disperdam Illud’, on CD format.

Dead Earth is the work of the incredibly prolific Mathias Kamijo. The Swede is most known for long-running Black Metallers Algaion, but the man also was a live member for Hypocrisy during the latter half of the ’90s and played on Nephenzy Chaos Order’s cult-classic Pure Black Disease among many other endeavors. While Algaion have mostly situated their style as a Swedish approximation of the classic Greek Black Metal sound, with Dead Earth does Kamijo drive deeper into the dark waters of classic melodic Black Metal, moving at many speeds but always with a burning-cold melodicism draped equally in devotion and atmosphere.

Originally released on vinyl in November 2022, ‘Et Disperdam Illud’ is Dead Earth’s debut album, composed and performed almost entirely by Kamijo. Alongside him here are a wealth of guest vocalists: Henke Forss of Sweden’s legendary Dawn, Björn Larsson of Mordbrand and God Macabre, Thomas Clifford of Abscession and Throne of Heresy, Witchery’s Angus Norder, and Kristin Starkey of Italy’s Temperance. Drums are performed by Kim Arnell (Morifade, Prime Creation), and some guest leads come from master shredder Toby Knapp and Dark Funeral’s Chaq Mol. Even with such an illustrious lineup of contributors, Kamijo’s songwriting shines through; with equal parts class, grace, grit, and gleam, the shimmering obsidian spires of sound Dead Earth create enflame the soul with a timeless sensation of emotional metallic might, cold and old. The production is suitably sharp and streamlined, imparting razor-sharp clarity to these eight tracks of snowdrifted beauty.

Now finally available on CD, witness a new torchbearer of classic Swedish melodic Black Metal with Dead Earth’s ‘Et Disperdam Illud’!

More info: Dead Earth; Chaos Records;

Osmose Productions announces Funeral Winds' eighth album: "Stylistically, this album is raw and cold Black Metal that throws the grit right in your face."

December 14, 2023

“This album is dedicated to He, whose name is three hundred and thirty three, and that thrice one.”

‘333’  is the title of Funeral Winds’ eighth studio album and will be released by Osmose Productions on the 26th of January 2024. It refers to the Dweller in the Abyss, the Demon of Dispersion, also known as Choronzon. Seen as the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment, Choronzon needs to be faced to be able to move beyond the Abyss.

Stylistically, this album is raw and cold Black Metal that throws the grit right in your face. Funeral Winds stay true to the original values of Black Metal, hateful and relentlessly contemptuous in sound and vision.

More info: Funeral Winds; Osmose Productions;

Seltsame Erden's debut album is set to emerge from Chaos Records: "Seltsame Erden prove with that 'Gedankentempeln' that Black Metal's "second reckoning" at the dawn of the new millennium was not lost upon newer generations."

December 13, 2023

Chaos Records is proud to present Seltsame Erden’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Gedankentempeln’, on CD format.

Seltsame Erden hail from the medieval town of Marburg, Germany. The band was founded in 2019 by vocalist / guitarist L (concurrently of morbid Death Metallers Nekus), and soon the lineup was completed by fellow comrades G and J (Into Coffin, Putridarium). Their first release, the ‘Turmfall’ EP, followed in 2021 as well as a few hand-picked live performances. Sticking to the Teutonic Black Metal template of being steadfastly traditional and low-profile (or at least no-frills or unassuming), Seltsame Erden surely honored their native idiom with a stout, surging style of Black Metal that’s now fully blossomed on their debut album.

Titlted ‘Gedankentempeln’, Seltsame Erden’s first full-length was once again recorded in their remote bunker, deep in Hessian woods. As such, the austere and heavily hypnotic swarm of sound Seltsame Erden present here strikes against modernity and other prevailing trends in the “Black Metal” scene. While the authentically ’90s-rooted atmosphere touches upon the medieval, more so do the power-trio push their onrush of crush toward the minimal-is-maximal splendor of earliest Inquisition, Ondskapt, and even Maniac Butcher: movements of subtlety, detail, and plainly stated POWER. However, the production itself – all recorded, mixed, and mastered by (((CYPHX-AUDIO))) – elevates Seltsame Erden to their own plateau populated by few, so mysteriously ethereal yet palpably physical is ‘Gedankentempeln’. The cover artwork by Belial NecroArts vividly illustrates this unique dichotomy.

Perversely “progressive” in its red-eyed regression, Seltsame Erden prove with that ‘Gedankentempeln’ that Black Metal’s “second reckoning” at the dawn of the new millennium was not lost upon newer generations. The next thousand years are theirs!

More info: Seltsame Erden; Chaos Records;

Throat's debut EP is poised for release by Primitive Reaction: "the 'Blood Exaltation' collection stands as a terrifying testament to Throat's eldritch Black Metal horror..."

December 12, 2023

On February 9th, 2024 internationally, Primitive Reaction is proud to present a special collection from Poland’s Throat, ‘Blood Exaltation’, on CD format.

Hailing from the always-vibrant Polish Black Metal scene, Throat are miasmic morbidity personified. While so many of their domestic contemporaries honor the paradigmatic sounds of the Temple of the Fullmoon, Throat instead mine a wider, wilder style of Black Metal that looks both east and south. Theirs is a clanging, crunching sound that variously nods to Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, Hungary’s Tormentor, early Samael, and fellow Polish iconoclasts Cultes des Ghoules: catacombed, ancient, unsettling.

To date, Throat released the debut demo ‘New Flesh Nectar’ in 2020 on the esteemed Fallen Temple label, and now conspire with Primitive Reaction to add that portentous recording with a new EP titled ‘Blood Exaltation’. Totaling four tracks in 33 minutes, the ‘Blood Exaltation’ collection stands as a terrifying testament to Throat’s eldritch Black Metal horror: a bridge from the past to the present, scorched by fires unknown but reeking of delirium-inducing sulfur all the same. The potency of the two-song ‘Blood Exaltation’ EP presents the trio in their current sonic incarnation, more gutted and (s-l-o-w-l-y) grinding, a protracted spelunk among shapeshifting landscapes whereby throat, strings, and skin chafe together in a vulgar manner. The earlier ‘New Flesh Nectar’ demo displays Throat at their most atmospheric; partially due to the distant recording, partially due to more wide-open spaces they were sowing, the two songs on this introductory recording nevertheless retain a palpitating creepiness, particularly when they drop the tempo down to a tribal trudge – an element they’d explore further on this collection’s namesake recording. Shed thy skin for this Blood Exaltation!

More info: Throat; Primitive Reaction;