Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012


You would like to have your music reviewed…
Sure, no problem. Still, we are calling the shots on this one as it us our content on these pages. We don’t review everything (if you read the reviews or interviews, you can easily reckon our taste within the realms of Metal), but feel free to contact us first. We don’t work with deadlines as we are busy like hell with our own private lives and jobs. And as we are a fanzine, don’t expect any professional journalism towards your product. Oh well, you probably already read some reviews to get the drift…we review everything as a fan, it’s our own humble opinion…

Still interested?
You aren’t scared easily by our terms! So, you have an offer we can’t refuse? First of all, our intention is not for you to send us albums, demos, tapes or vinyl, so we have much free stuff in our collection. Keep it! Sell it! If you are able to send us a link so we can download it, or a link to your bandcamp page (or any other music site your band/label is using) so we can listen to it, it is fine by us. No statements like “we only review you when you send us the album” here!

I would like to see my band interviewed on your pages!
Don’t contact us, we contact you!

So you like to write for VM-Underground?
What we ask from of you? Passion for the music….This is how we work and what we can offer:

Do you work with deadlines?
No, no deadlines here.

But I also write for other zines, is that a problem?
Not a problem at all!

How many reviews do you expect me to write? And what if I only want to do interviews?
We are glad with every contribution, be it one review a week, one a month…4 reviews a week..well, you know what we are getting at. And if interviews are your thing, we are happy to welcome you as well.

Do I get paid? Or receive physical material?
We receive lots of promos, really lots of them, but they are all digital. So don’t expect any physical material. And there is no money involved, I can guarantee you that as well. You are looking at the wrong zine if you think we can offer a fee or something like that.

So, this reviewing the promos thing…?
All promos are gathered on a list that you will receive and you choose what you find interesting to write about. There are also links on the list so you can check out a sample or a song to decide if it is interesting for you or not. After choosing you will receive the digital promo. You will not be “flooded” with all kind of material you don’t like or don’t have time for. This should be a fun thing to do, not a burden.

What kind of material do you receive?
Take a look around…but I will mention a couple of labels of which we receive material from: Iron Bonehead Productions, Osmose Productions, Agonia Records, VIC Records, Signal Rex, Century Media, Hells Headbangers Records, Pulverised Records, Chaos Records, Blood Harvest, Memento Mori, Transcending Obscurity Records, F.D.A. Records and many more

Is there a minimum word count for reviews?
Word count isn’t an issue. If you can write short reviews but it beholds the information that helps the reader…it is always better than some digital diarrhoea of 700 words that will confuse the reader and of which he or she still is puzzled what kind of music to expect.

I see many ads in your zine and on the frontpage…I would like to know…
If you have to pay for it? Hell no! It’s quite simple…if we like your release(s), if we like your passion/ideology towards the underground or generally, we want to support you…we include your advert(s). It’s as easy as that, but don’t forget we must have space for it and it has to fit in the layout of course.