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Ulfsdalir / Throndt – Ulfsdalir / Throndt [Split]

ulfsdalir / throndt – ulfsdalir / throndt [split]


A split CD from two bands hailing from the same scene, from the Kassel-area from which quite a lot of band/projects/labels etc. are. This is such a collaboration that definitely have something to offer instead of just ‘supporting your local scene’, both bands are very much worth the attention and the release itself looks good. Yet, I am not sure whether this is very easy to find outside of Germany…

The first song is another bleak track from this band (now reinforced with a real drummer), that is balancing between the raw black metal and the pagan-like songs on the recently released ‘unreleased album’ album, “Jera – Im Weltenkreis”. This way it comes (again) rather close to Burzum, it is therefore not a real surprise that there’s a Burzum cover included, “Wenn Das Licht Uns Nimmt”, which is a German translation of “Hvis Lysett Tar Oss” of the album with the same title. The first of two songs are Ulfsdalir originals and both have a very nice, rather up-beat tempo that gets the listener into a sort of hallucinating delirium.

Throndt sounds a little harsher and the guitars have a more piercing character. Yet, it is pretty obvious that both acts have influenced each other as they don’t sound so very different. Which is not all that strange of course, but this way they make up a good team for such a split CD. Still, Throndt’s drumsound is a bit more primitive sounding and that somehow gives them a typical German black metal sound. Besides their own three tracks they also included a cover version of Frostmoon’s “Skogsrøst” from their rare 7” EP from 1999 released on Oskorei Productions.

In conclusion I would say that, although it doesn’t contain Ulfsdalir’s best efforts to date, this is a very decent split release and is very much worth the effort in getting it. The very well designed digipack, with its great drawing, is also definitely worth mentioning and further adds to the presentation of this product.


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