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Trinacria – Travel Now Journey Infinitely

trinacria – travel now journey infinitely


What do you get when you put three members of Enslaved in the same room with people from a noise band and various other projects? A lot of sound, that’s for sure… Their joint interest in noisy atmospheric music and pure noise and add up their musical backgrounds makes this record something more logical than you would’ve thought at first…

When you think of Enslaved you wouldn’t immediately think of Neurosis. Yet, its that band that seems the foremost influence on this project/band. Trinacria has that same vibe as the very best Neurosis records, it makes you feel a little uncomfortable and crawls deep inside. Though it is mostly the sludgy/droning parts that predominates there are various other elements that makes the music a bit more lively. Very hectic noise parts are combined with genuine black metal parts that would not be strange to find on the more mechanical albums of Thorns, Satyricon (“Rebel Extravaganza”) or Mayhem (“Grand Declaration Of War”) and slightly industrial stuff that might remind of bands like Ram-Zet. A weird mixture maybe, but not that bad. Yet, it has to be said that the music, therefore, is not too original and refers quite a lot to Neurosis (and the countless followers in their genre). Though the music is well crafted and executed, it still lacks a bit of an own identity. Even the slight black metal passages and more up-tempo parts are not changing that feeling. At some point it might all get a bit too chaotic for its own good and it slams down the atmosphere that has just been created by some nice acoustic picking or some hypnotising riff.

The overall idea of this band might point in the right direction, yet the result is not always the best. This Trinacria could be such a band that might take your soul in a live environment, but for now they haven’t yet made it. But taking in consideration that this is a first outing we can be sure that this is not the last thing we’ve heard from them.