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The Great Old Ones – Cosmicism

the great old ones – cosmicism


Hell fucking yeah, the new The Great Old Ones album, “Cosmicism” is finally here, I’ve been, impatiently, waiting for this album, ever since the teaser trailer was released all the way back in mid June. Hell, I have been waiting for more music from this outstanding band ever since the release of their last phenomenal album, 2017’s “EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy.” I just want more and more and more of this band’s amazing work to be able to sonically, physically and emotionally ingest, digest and affectionately love. I have been absolutely hooked on The Great Old Ones ever since I got to do a review of their second, and also great, album 2014’s “Tekeli-Li” on another website, which I am consequently writing for again.

The Great Old Ones are an Atmospheric, Post-Black Metal band hailing from Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. They started their life back in the year 2009 and have been spreading their pure Lovecraftian blackness ever since. With one more full length that I did not list above, their debut,  2012’s excellent “Al Azif.” The one album I had to actually go back to check out and glad I did, this band does not disappoint, ever. If you have ever heard The Great Old Ones, even of just for one album, before I am sure you understand that fact and reviews such as this really are not necessary for you but for everyone else, this is for you. Get off your ass and check out one of their four full lengths, really, any of them are excellent, true art.

The Great Old Ones are true disciples of H. P. Lovecraft and have fully immersed themselves within his worlds. “Each song features a Lovecraftian entity and parallel the dark destiny of the protagonist who meets her and in turn, slowly succumbs to admiration and madness.” (Thanks to Season Of Mist press release) And this is true if each and every one of their releases. They are true works of literal art, both in terms of the literary and musical sense.

“Cosmicism” is yet another great album from an extremely great band, through and through. They are an Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal band that very much has their own sound and feel, a sound and feel that needs to be experienced to truly be understood. So, basically, if you are a fan of this aforementioned style, even if for just a little, you will absolutely love The Great Old Ones and their new album “Cosmicism,” guaranteed.  (Ben Schultz)

The Great Old Ones

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