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Sadistic Drive – Street Cannibal Gluttony / Rehearsal 05/2019 [Compilation]

sadistic drive – street cannibal gluttony / rehearsal 05/2019 [compilation]


This time I had the opportunity to hear a demo compilation entitled “Street Cannibal Gluttony / Rehearsal 05/2019” by Sadistic Drive from Joenssu, Finland. The disgusting logo and artwork makes me want to immerse myself in decay of their stinky gore Death Metal music.

The classick intro followed by heavy guitar sounds plus the blood-thirsty vocals makes the song “Sadistic Drive” even more unique with an immersive distortion sound and the ritual tribe slow tempo beat really reminds me of the mighty Autopsy. “The Morbid Creep” is slightly different with a more doomy mood with the haunted riffing melodies corresponding to mysterious vocal whispers which made me fall into the valley of darkness. The thirst for flesh and blood is more felt with the groovy “Lust for Scum” and this song is one of my favourite on this demo, it makes me feel like I have been chewed all over at the end of the song. The energetic old school riffing vibe can be heard in the song “Body Part Puzzle” added with an engrossing guitar scream, unfortunately this song is too short to observe.

There are 4 more rehearsal tracks recorded with a very dirty and raw sound. In my opinion this is very interesting because their disgusting spirit is more obvious and honest. The song “Infernal Putrefaction” proves their music as it is faster with a grinding beat and it’s in line with catchy riffing guitar. “Ridden Pervert” really caught my attention with D-beat drumming and is quite different than the other songs. The end of this song is very chaotic, but left me satisfied with the duration to fully observe. Killer idea guys! The Discharge cover song “Maimed and Slaughtered” is a totally pure Sadistic intense bastard, Drive me to the moshpit!

For the fans of old-school Death, gore grinding and punk listener. This demo/rehearsal is worth for your collection because they’re very unique with their own style!!