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Reeking Aura – Blood And Bonemeal

reeking aura – blood and bonemeal


After their self-released 2020 EP ‘Beneath The Canopy Of Compost’, it was to be expected that New York-based Death Metal band Reeking Aura would come up with something good. After all, the EP was promising enough for it. Just over two years later, ‘Blood And Bonemeal’ saw the light of day and not through the least label, the celebrated Profound Lore Productions signed on for the release of this six-piece’s debut on both vinyl and CD.

Like many of the bands on the labels roster, Reeking Aura is not quite your average Old School Death Metal snoozer. The band is not serving you with just a few repeating (or even recycled) riffs, a monotonous mid-tempo pace and mediocre vocals. On the very contrary, Reeking Aura is taking you on a trip of some excellently executed adventurous Death Metal that breathes both an old school ambiance as well as being wild in creativity. Basically all the riffs are complex, but can be divided in some more Immolation-like contrarian and slightly dissonant riffs and the ones that are more progressive in nature. Together this makes up for some intriguing music of which you never know what to expect. Not only the riffs change every few seconds, but also the pace and song structure seem to turn the music in a constant shape shifting creature. To make things even more sophisticated, the band adds a few moments to let you catch some breath with some semi-acoustic interludes that really highlight the band’s excellent song writing skills.

But while things might fool you a little, Reeking Aura has a lot to offer for those who are into Death Metal for its sheer brutal power. The heavy riffs, note that the band has three guitarists, are more than just smothering and the thunderous drums are equally grinding as some of the best Finnish Death Metal bands from those early 90’s heydays. Vocalist Will Smith (this reeking one, though, not being much of a fresh sort of prince) has a very deep gurgling grunt which quite fits within the current Death Metal movement in which we are regularly pushed into the deepest caverns.

If you would like to immerse yourself in some uncommon Death Metal, while still overtly hearing the roots of the genre in every song, Reeking Aura is definitely a perfect choice. Fans of bands like Immolation, Demigod and, for example, Occulsed and Altars from the current rejuvenated Death Metal scene should also definitely not skip this.

Reeking Aura

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