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Putrevore / Putrefact – Funebre Plague Into Darkness [EP]

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Hell yeah, Putrefact again…and Putrevore. The Putre Bros.. Wondering how they are doing on this split 7”. But first things first, let’s talk about Putrevore, the massive dark Death Metal project of Dave Rotten (vocals) and Rogga Johansson (instruments). I wouldn’t be surprised if “Johannson” is just a Swedish translation for “I’m-a-workaholic-and-want-to-play-as-much-as-I-can”. The previous full-length “Macabre Kingdom” was quite a direct-hit, and the ones who listened to it embraced the Incantation / Rottrevore mashup. On this split-7” Putrevore keeps on delivering horrific quality, in a good way, with their “A Cold Grasp in the Night”-track and keeps true to the Incantation / Rottrevore link. Putrefact are looking back to the musick on their demo instead of the “Of Those Who Were Deceased” 7”. This has again more Swedish influences, yet it’s not the new Entrails or something like that. Their track “Mórbido Obscuro” is mostly uptempo when it starts, eases into more midtempo in the middle and ends uptempo. A good Old School Death Metal song this one. And a nice 7” as a whole. (Ricardo)