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Psoglav – Cyrkovni Urodi [Demo]

psoglav – cyrkovni urodi [demo]


With new works by Todorac, the inspirer behind this new project, it is always worth taking a moment to delve into the background and meaning of what he presents to you. In this case, Google also made me a little wiser. A psoglav is a demonic mythical creature in Balkan mythology. Belief about it existed in parts of Bosnia and Montenegro. Psoglav was described as a human body with horse legs, a dog’s head with iron teeth and a single eye on the forehead – what about that for a boogieman? These creatures live in deep, sunless, dark caves and, how could it be otherwise, feed on humans. They also do not hesitate to dig up corpses from fresh graves and feast on them.

Opposed to most of his other works, with Psoglav Todorac finds himself in a slightly more depressive sort of Black Metal in which dragging riffs and a predominantly slow tempo being the most prominent testifiers. But while the music might not excel in aggressiveness or speed and not even in its sharp riffs it all the more drowns you in its ultimate bleak atmosphere. The beautifully crafted melodies that are equally expertly woven throughout all four tracks, with a total playing time of 10 minutes, give the music a deeply emotional dimension. Just like the first two Opiumortem demos, one of Todorac’s other bands, there are no vocals on ‘Cyrkovni Urodi’ either, but again, due to Todorac’s excellent songwriting, it can hardly be called a loss. These ten minutes promise to culminate in another excellent piece of Raw Black Metal that sounds both atmospheric and depressive. Slowly but surely Todorac is working his way up to become one of Eastern Europe’s most talented and promising Black Metal musicians.

This cassette tape is limited to only 20 copies and is (or was) available through Todorac’s own Diabolic Hate Propaganda Records. If you happen to be interested, you’d better not sleep on this.


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