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Pro-Pain – Voice of Rebellion

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You can count on it, each year, sometimes each two years, Pro-Pain fulfills its duty and unleashes a new release. This time the album is called ‘Voice of Rebellion’ and again it’s a straight in your face punch from these Americans! Openings track, which is the title track, immediately sets the pace with aggressive riffs and the furious vocals from frontman Gary Meskil. Love it or hate it, but you won’t be able to stop moving on the tunes of this track and try to control yourself not to smash some people near you! Consider this a warning shot they mention in the lyrics and that’s no lie, because track ‘No Fly Zone’ is the elbow on your yaw! It begins with some kind of Body Count intro to burst out in anger! The breaks keep on coming and live these first songs will be killers in front of the pit, so afterwards don’t tell me that I haven’t warned you bitches. The guitar leads from Adam Phillips are sharp as a blade and he keeps on holding that level the entire album. Release the hate inside of you is the keyword in track ‘Righteous Annihilation’ so the level of their sound keeps on increasing by each track. Wow, only three tracks away and I already came blood and released some anal fluid from excitement. If you thought they would ease up a little, they you may re-consider because ‘Souls on Fire’ adds more melody and riffs to it and the guitars are the pillars of this track. ‘Take it to the Grave’ opens furious with uptempo guitar play and driven vocals where Pro-Pain is well-known for. Okay, here the backing vocals come more in the picture but the speed will invite people for a true moshpit. ‘Age of Disgust’ has some splendid breaks in it, while ‘Bella Morte’ is more mid-paced in the beginning, but builds up very strong. ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ could easily be written in their ‘Contents Under Pressure’ period. ‘Blade of the Cursed’ and ‘Crushed to Dust’ are again true Pro-Pain products and ‘Enraged’ is the real uppercut on this release. Fast forward and fierce as a bulldog, so be aware cause this one bites deep into your flesh! One track somewhat stands aside from the others and that’s ‘Hellride’ cause the vocals don’t seem to come out of the mouth of Gary. They’re more melodic and more modest, but yet again this one sounds very great. This one crawls inside your head and keeps stuck for a while and I dig it. ‘Voice of Rebellion’ ends with tracks ‘DNR’ and ‘Fuck this Life’, again both songs are filled with great instrumental parts, breaks, aggression and speed. Well, if you read this review you’d probably think that I’m a fanatic and you’re damned right about that haha. Fuck this life?? Hell no, as long as Pro-Pain keeps on creating such albums I’m glad I’m around to be stunned by these guys! Outside and inside the pit, count on that bastards! Fans from the first hour, this one’s a must have…others, definitely check this one out! People who aren’t interested in this one?? Well, one question? Woa zuje mee bezig?! (Fredde)