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Mayhem – Chimera

mayhem – chimera


They’re back, they are definitely back! To start with the conclusion, remove the surprise effect of a review and still your hunger for the new Mayhem. Comebacks, reunions and the “back to our roots”-chit-chat are hyped these days, many bands are telling their fans that they will go back to their roots. Metallica was going back to their roots (fuck! Why did we believe it anyway?) and left us disappointed. Although I pretty liked “The Grand Declaration Of War” I feared their media-messages that they would go back to their roots. But, you can sit down and relax and read the rest of the review, for you have nothing to fear. Mayhem did not disappoint me on one single point on this whole album.

From the first tunes it is clear that they indeed did a step back, “Chimera” starts of just like “The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” did, with many drums and heavy (yet raw) guitars. Constantly ongoing drums is what keeps this great album alive and interesting (yeah, I know, they sound triggered, but gives a fuck?). It is very plain to see that the first track (“Whore”) was meant to sweep away all doubts of the listener and to show them they are back better than ever with vengeance and bloodlust, it is a short and fast song which is a perfect kick in the face opener. The trend set with that first track is continued with every song and all typical Mayhem ingredients are enclosed. Spoken word passages, tempo changes, great drums and pounding (and nice fuzzy sounding) bassguitar. This album is better accessible than “The Grand Declaration Of War” was, gone are the techno-parts and all the other experimental passages, that makes “Chimera” a lot more straight forward, which worked out pretty well on the songs. Maniac displays his great vocal talent in multiple ways, he shrieks like we know it from the “Wolf’s Lair Abyss” mini album for instance, but there are some moments he sounds more downtuned and dark or even a little doomy and he still has his majestic voice in the spoken-word passages. And the overall sound could be described as a mixture between  “The Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” (needless to say it lacks the brilliance of that album) and “Wolf’s Lair Abyss”.

This is actually something I hoped for but wasn’t sure about. It wasn’t that clear that the band still had it or could do it. While listening the album again I feel kinda foolish, how could I doubt this great and unique blackmetal band. It is quite plain; Mayhem proves again that it is fully justified that they are the uncrowned kings of true and unholy blackmetal. Mayhem crushes 99% of all wannabe true blackmetallers, it is good to see a band such as Mayhem showing how it should be done…

Season of Mist

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