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Krypta Nicestwa / Forest Mysticism – Mirrors of Glaciated Earth [Split]

krypta nicestwa / forest mysticism – mirrors of glaciated earth [split]


For starters: both bands are exquisite at what they do. Previously releases have shown us that both bands are crafting amazing Black Metal, be it Raw, Pagan, Folk or simply Black Metal, each and every release, by any of them, showcases 2 of the best acts in the international Black Metal scene, right now.

Krypta Nicestwa kicks off the album. “Wieczor” is a track full of feeling. It does not stear away from we have been offered before which, for those acquainted with the band, means top-notch quality. Dark and eerie sounds create the mood for what follows. The synthetizers are amazing! They do set the right mood for the track. This is Polish Black Metal, do not get confused with all the rubbish being released. There is this aprticular sound about this band that is not so common – talking from my experience, of course. These mates are really something! “Sarkofagi Nocnych Zjaw” was another remarkable offering

Forest Mysticism is one of those acts that really hit hard! D., is a musician that can realy craft sonic landscapes with such ease – from what I can capture, obvisously – giving us, the listeners, this sensation of empowerement. Absurd, I know. I can almost feel a Bathory vibe. Not musically speaking, of course, but that feeling… Forest Mysticism’s more recent “gift”, “Wandering Forlon”, is another amazing piece of Epic Black Metal from down under.

Funny thing about this Split: 1 Track for each band; each track is present in its rawest form and in its final one. Curious to see the bands display their work in such a way. Both versions are, in my opinion, outstanding. In Krypta Nicestwa’s case it does darken their sound, showing a bigger shadow; Forest Mysticism’s side does not take a bit from the final track. Amazing!

Overall: exquisite, superb, amazing… I do want more. (DanielP)

Forest Mysticism

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Krypta Nicestwa

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