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Dead Chasm – Dead Chasm [EP]

dead chasm – dead chasm [ep]


Dead Chasm are a new Lovecraft inspired Death Metal trio hailing from Milan and Venice in Italy, and who feature members of Fuoco Fatuo, Psychotomy and Evilspell, amongst quite a few others. Their new self-titled EP has been unleashed earlier in the year on both CD and LP by F.D.A. Records. The artwork for said release is suitably bleak of colour as well as a pleasing combination of the dark and the macabre. I don’t usually specify at the gender of the vocalist as it shouldn’t be a selling point, but it’s on their labels Bandcamp page so they must be cool with it being used for promotion. I suppose another good reason for mentioning it is that you simply wouldn’t know just from listening to vocalist Lorenza’s magnificent growling ferocity. That ferocity is more than matched by the sublime grinding intensity of her guitar work, as well as the insurmountably crushing tones from the man behind the kit, Dave. To finish of this deathly triumvirate, bassist Gigi has a controlled and measured style that anchors the Dead Chasm sound nicely, whilst all around him is snarling predatory aggression.

This EP was never going to be anything other than a rotting slab of old school pestilence, not with that artwork and the Lovecraftian influence; and so it proves to be the case. ‘Spawned in Desolation’ especially is a foreboding, brooding slice of oppressive Death Metal that opens up from a slow tempo into out right fast paced fury. I find the benefits of being a trio are that you can hone your craft together and be as tight as possible, and all three members of Dead Chasm are individually excellent. Together they are powerful and dominant, and coupled with a great sense of song craft they have put together a fine debut offering. Ending with a savage Nirvana 2002 cover is a nice touch too!

Dead Chasm

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