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Black Whispers – Dusk

black whispers – dusk


From the tropical heat of Costa Rica comes something cold, bleak and negative. Black Whispers are a Costa Rican Depressive Black Metal quartet, and their third full length release ‘Dusk’ was put out towards the end of last year on CD by GrimmDistribution.

Following a sparse and melancholy piano based intro track, the album gets underway with a steady, low key sounding ‘Castle of Self Destruction’ which combines an overtly sturdy bass style that rumbles powerful throughout the track and rivals the guitar leads in the mix. Of particular interest is the rhythm guitar which winds a bleak furrow of darkened melody, whilst the drumming is at the same time both methodically battering yet somehow muted. The vocal work is of standard fare, that fits in comfortably with the bands overall sound without making a particular impression. Pretty much the same can be said about all aspects of the next track ‘Heartaching’, though here there is a subdued melodic interlude with the bass drum sounding out rhythmically like a heartbeat. Again the vocals slot in nicely with an anguished and again muted sound that in places does rise up in power, though the vocals do remain somewhat mired in the mix, which focuses more on the rhythm guitar and bass.

There isn’t all that much more to say about ‘Dusk’. There are moments of grinding intensity and tremolo picking that crop up here and there, and whilst the album is easy to listen to and inoffensive, its also very bland and grey; as if the colour and vibrancy has been leeched out during the mastering. With this being a band who focus more on the depressive side of Black Metal, maybe that was the whole point. However the end result is an unobtrusive, almost apologetic meander.

Black Whispers

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