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Iron Bonehead Productions to release debut EP of Kaal Nagini: "Cruel and martial and overwhelming, Kaal Nagini's Death Metal aims for oblivion and promptly delivers the listener there..."

February 14, 2023

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Kaal Nagini’s striking debut EP, ‘Refracted Lights of a Blind God’, on CD and 12″ vinyl formats.

Hailing from Kolkata, Kaal Nagini are a vital new entity among India’s ever-rising extreme metal underground, for which Iron Bonehead has helped foster through the likes of Tetragrammacide, Aparthiva Raktadhara, Brahmastrika, And Necrodeity. As such, Kaal Nagini are among the Kolkata Inner Order in a percussive alliance with MVOQH, an esteemed figure from the Siamese Underground.

Cruel and martial and overwhelming, Kaal Nagini’s Death Metal aims for oblivion and promptly delivers the listener there – if they can even withstand the immediate barrage of nuclear-warped decibels the power-trio so effortlessly unload. ‘Refracted Lights of a Blind God’, the band’s first public recording, comprises four massive tracks across 17 minutes of unchained & unrestrained ultraviolence. With universal adversarial syncretism as their lyrical muse, Kaal Nagini distort and disorient perceptions of what “Death Metal” is and can be. Never devolving into pure noise nor afraid to overload frequencies to their maximalist limit, these undulating vortexes reveal rude shapes and impossible angles, but ones not without purpose: the glorification of Kali, and the emergence and idiosyncratic sound of Kalikshetra.

And this is but the opening arsenal of Kaal Nagini. Offer obeisance or prepare to be mowed down by these ‘Refracted Lights of a Blind God’.

More info: Kaal Nagini; Iron Bonehead Productions;

Intestine Baalism's first two albums to be re-released: "We’re also happy to announce a reissue of the much sought-after second album by Intestine Baalism, including the first time the release has EVER been pressed on tape."

February 13, 2023

Sewer Rot Records mentions the following news on their social media channels:

Our next two releases are official reissues of the first two masterpieces by Intestine Baalism from Japan. This reissue of ‘An Anatomy of the Beast’ is different from our first press in that it has a color scheme reminiscent of the original 1997 pressing and it’s the first time that a reissue of the album has ever included the interior artworks from the original press. This press will also be a co-release with our good friends at Sevared Records.

We’re also happy to announce a reissue of the much sought-after second album by Intestine Baalism, including the first time the release has EVER been pressed on tape. You won’t want to miss these! It all goes down March 3rd!

We have reviewed the re-release of ‘Anatomy of the Beast’ and considered it as; “A perfect mix of both otherworldly melodies and sheer brutality wrapped in the great buzzsaw sound. The vocals are as low as my urge not to take a beer at a craft beer-fest and the quality of the leads and solos are as high as…well, my urge to take a beer at a craft beer-fest.”

More info: Intestine Baalism; Sevared Records; Sewer Rot Records;

Bastard Grave to release new album via Pulverised Records: "With their bewitching and elegant sense of absolute rotten Death Metal..."

January 9, 2023

Pulverised Records proudly announces the third full-length release of Swedish Deathers Bastard Grave! ‘Vortex Of Disgust’ will be unleashed on March 10th 2023.

With their bewitching and elegant sense of absolute rotten Death Metal, “Vortex Of Disgust” is remarkably the band’s zenith; shaping the old form of tried-and-true Scandinavian Death Metal and coalescing into an unmerciful clobber of swamp-soaked riffs truly unique to Bastard Grave.

The album was recorded by the band themselves with the exception of drums recording handled by Ulf Blomberg at The End Studios (Exhale, Crawl, Age Of Woe, Inevitable End, etc). The mixing and mastering was overseen and helmed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studio (Autopsy, Chaotian, High On Fire, Atrament, etc), and the cover artwork was illustrated by German artist Thomas ”Necromaniac” Westphal (Cryptic Brood, Morbific, Deserted Fear, etc). The tracklist contains titles as ‘Sunder The Earth’, ‘Consumed And Forgotten’ and ‘Eternal Decomposition’.

We desecribed the last effort of Bastard Grave, the split with Graveyard Ghoul, as: “A sort of Death Metal that has a certain Swedish edge to it, but doesn’t come as the next Entombed stand-in. Instead Bastard Grave blends in some classic Dutch Death Metal and a even a bit of early British Death Metal too, making it appealing to fans of either Sinister, Benediction or Grave – but most likely, these are the same people anyway.”

More info: Bastard Grave; Pulverised Records;

Memento Mori signs Obscurial: "Obscurial´s approach to timeless Death Metal includes gut-wrenching riffs, somber melodies and a dismal atmosphere..."

January 2, 2023

In our endless quest to push and support current underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, we´re extremely thrilled to announce a new signing: Obscurial, from Malaysia.

Obscurial is one of the most promising, up and coming Death Metal bands from Asia, being spawned in the sewers of K-Hell (Kuala Lumpur) back in 2019 and breaking into the local underground scene with “Exaltation”, their debut 2020 demo. “Funeral, Burial and Rites”, the band´s opera prima in full-length format, was self-released in December 2021, helping them obtain more recognition and following in the underground Death Metal community. Obscurial´s approach to timeless Death Metal includes gut-wrenching riffs, somber melodies and a dismal atmosphere influenced by the likes of Brain Dead, Grave Miasma, Morbid Angel, Bloodbath, Incantation, Dismember, Deicide, Grave and Darkthrone (“Soulside Journey” era).

Memento Mori will unleash the CD version of their 2nd full-length in the first half of 2024.

More info: Obscurial; Memento Mori;

Angerot ready with new release: "Their 3rd opus, 'The Profound Recreant', ascends even deeper into the abyss and sees the band continue to evolve (or devolve depending how you look at it)."

January 2, 2023

Since their heavy leaning Swedish Death Metal debut, ‘The Splendid Iniquity’ in 2018, to their more mature Blackened Death evolution on 2020’s ‘The Divine Apostate’, Angerot have been a beacon of darkness for the US extreme metal scene.

Their 3rd opus, ‘The Profound Recreant’, ascends even deeper into the abyss and sees the band continue to evolve (or devolve depending how you look at it). The band’s consummate professionalism and meticulous attention to every detail is on full display here, which has certainly set them apart from nearly any other act on the continent.

More European in presentation and overall sound, Angerot’s midwest roots provide more heft in the backbone of their riffs than their Eastern counterparts, and while the band continue to flirt with more Black Metal aesthetics, the foundation is certainly grounded in Death Metal.

More info: Angerot; Redefining Darkness Records;

Act of Impalement and Caligari Records unite for new album: "Perhaps best yet, the album doesn't overstay its welcome: Act of Impalement get in and slaughter in a mere 29 minutes."

December 27, 2022

Caligari Records is proud to present Act of Impalement’s highly anticipated second album, ‘Infernal Ordinance’, on CD and cassette tape formats.

Formed in 2012, Nashville’s Act of Impalement steadily sharpened their sound over a handful of demos and EPs, culminating in the 2018 debut album, Perdition Cult. Always a power-trio, Act of Impalement’s sound has never been easy to categorize; galloping, oft-doomy death metal and blackened crust are always at the fore, but Perdition Cult showed ever more sides to the band, including moshable thrash and blown-out sludge. This relative variety should’ve proved a boon, but Act of Impalement went on a recording hiatus thereafter.

Work began on Act of Impalement’s second album in February 2020, when all instruments were recorded; vocals were then done in March 2021, with everything recorded & mixed by Yautja’s Shibby Poole. The wait was definitely worth it, for ‘Infernal Ordinance’ is a monstrous work, with Act of Impalement at their gutsfucking and most focused best. Eschewing some of the variety of its full-length predecessor, Act of Impalement’s second album surges forward with more songwriting finesse; every riff is given maximal room to inflict damage, every segment carried forward to its conclusion, and every transition seamless. That the power-trio can still show traces of Cianide, Bolt Thrower, Prophecy of Doom, and even Archgoat – often, all in the same song – and make it meld together consistently and compellingly is no small feat. Add to that their characteristically GUTTED guitar & bass tone and ‘Infernal Ordinance’ verily becomes its namesake. Perhaps best yet, the album doesn’t overstay its welcome: Act of Impalement get in and slaughter in a mere 29 minutes.

With world-eating mastering courtesy of Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios and stark cover artwork by Diablo Macabre, Act of Impalement have undeniably delivered their best record yet in ‘Infernal Ordinance’.

More info: Act of Impalement; Caligari Records;

Xtreem Music signs Catacomb and will release new album: "An exceptional work that will undoubtedly meet the expectations of all the fans of the band."

December 27, 2022

The legendary French Death Metal band Catacomb, has just signed a contract with Xtreem Music for the release of their long-awaited 1st full album entitled “When the Stars Are Right” and which closes a 30-year circle in which they return to the label that, under the name Drowned Prod., released their mythical 7″EP “In the Maze of Kadath” in 1993. The new album, with a date yet to be determined, is expected for spring 2023 in CD, 12″LP, Cassette and Digital formats.

Catacomb was formed in 1990, the year in which they already included a song on a compilation cassette, being followed by four demos and a 7″EP until 1994 when they disbanded and reformed again in ’97, recording a 6-song mini CD in 2001 and splitting up a couple of years later. In 2010 and 2015, a couple of compilations were released with their old recordings until in 2018 they reunited again, recording a series of singles prior to their latest work, an EP entitled “Back to Unknown Kadath” which was followed by their signing by Xtreem Music for what will be his first complete album “When the Stars Are Right”, an exceptional work that will undoubtedly meet the expectations of all the fans of the band.

More info: Catacomb; Xtreem Music;

An unholy alliance between Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas: "X new anthems of Orthodox Black Metal"

December 23, 2022

Οn this sacred Yule, Odium Records proudly announces ‘Draconian Elitism’ by Ofermod / Black Altar / Acherontas, the newly crafted split-release that will be released next year. A glorious covenant, exalted to the eyes of the Old Gods, taking spirit, flesh and bones, to seal a congregation regressing back in the victorious days of the genre, while thrusting forth to the victories to come.

The spawn of this insatiable gathering will be unleashed upon the mundane plains on 21st of June, on the blessed day of the Summer Solstice, as a digipack CD, LP, limited wooden box, digital, t-shirts and longsleeve garments, to fulfil and quench the thirsts and needs by every aspect, no less than the quality that such an offering deserves. Glimpses to the formats will be soon revealed to the masses.

It shall be a very special opus in the form of a split release, dedicated to the untold Mysteries of the Draconian Path, consisting of X new anthems of Orthodox Black Metal and lasting approximately 53 minutes. Thus, severing every tie the participants have set until forth, to form a deified monstrosity of terrors as well as an offering to the Victory of the Draconian Ways, above, beyond and astride Life and Death, a journey within theurgy and deification alike begins.

The cover artwork to enclose this opus into mortal shell was crafted and created by the infamous Daniele Valeriani, known for his formidable work with several powerful artists and individuals of the genre.

More info: Acherontas (Αχέροντας); Black Altar; Ofermod; Odium Records;

Necrovation back with a new EP: "Together, these two tracks display Necrovation honouring their past while pointing the way toward a very, VERY special future..."

December 21, 2022

Blood Harvest Records is proud to present Necrovation’s LONG-awaited comeback recording, ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’, on 7″ vinyl and cassette tape formats.

Formed in 2003, Necrovation soon began their ascent of the Swedish death metal underground. A demo, a split, and an EP followed in quick succession, the latter two via Blood Harvest, before some silence would pass. Alas, in 2008 did Necrovation release their debut album, ‘Breed Deadness Blood’, via Blood Harvest; it was soon hailed as modern classic for its unique synthesis of other eldritch death metal styles and textures and not merely just Swedeath. Another EP via Blood Harvest followed two years later, signaling further growth by the power trio. That growth would perhaps reach its apotheosis with the release of their eponymous second album in 2012. Still very much “death metal” by design, Necrovation here boldly integrated more traditional metal tropes – all without devolving into “death ‘n’ roll” pantomime – as well as other now-characteristic twists of weirdness.

Then…a deafening silence. Infrequent shows would happen over the ensuing decade, but plans for a new recording never materialized. Now, over a decade since Necrovation, Necrovation return in enigmatic fashion with a two-song EP bearing the title ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’. The record’s two component tracks are almost too perfectly titled: “Storm the Void” sounds very much like that, with tension-inducing stop/start angularity and a devouring thrust that would almost sound punk if it wasn’t so molten and creepy; “Starving Grave” is indeed thirsty and miserable, with a woozy march that defies easy imbibement and then with-no-warning bursts of clawing speed and vapor trails of more simmering tension and repose. Together, these two tracks display Necrovation honoring their past while pointing the way toward a very, VERY special future…if they, in fact, continue to stir their sulfurous cauldron. Only they know, but we are truly fortunate to receive ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’ to begin the year. Either way, Necrovation are eternal.

The previous release, ‘Necrovation’ was described by us as: “Some old Morbid Angel, Possessed and Death in the region “their first two albums” have made their entrance in the sound of Necrovation. All this with quite a Celtic Frost-ish doom vibe, resulting in a dark, heavy and technically more varied album with an emphasis on “dark”.”

More info: Necrovation; Blood Harvest;

Terrestrial Hospice ready to release 'Caviary to the General': "...the ultraviolence here is very real, and very overwhelming"

December 14, 2022

Ancient Dead Productions is proud to present Terrestrial Hospice’s highly anticipated second album, ‘Caviary to the General’, on CD and cassette tape formats.

Forming in 2018, Terrestrial Hospice quickly set to work on their first EP, Universal Hate Speech, released later than year by the esteemed Shadow Records. It’s not surprising that the feverish winds of creativity blew across the duo, as Terrestrial Hospice is the work of two veteran members of the black metal scene, most prominently drummer and driving force Inferno, who’s the erstwhile drummer for Behemoth and Azarath as well as lately playing guitar in Witchmaster. In any case, Universal Hate Speech was a terrorizing tease at a mere 20 minutes, and the duo followed it with the deathblow of their debut full-length, Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds, during that cursed year of 2020. The album was truly titled, and then some: there was no submitting to it, only the act of being flayed alive.

Now, Terrestrial Hospice return with an album arguably even more extreme: ‘Caviary to the General’. Compared to its quick ‘n’ concise predecessor, ‘Caviary to the General’ is undeniably a more expansive spin at 46 minutes; with nine songs instead of the seven on Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds, Terrestrial Hospice are more able to display the full fathom of their flaying strength. Indeed, ‘Caviary to the General’ caustically keeps the duo’s sound unyielding – a dark, dirty, devastating blast of classic Nordic-style hate steeped in the ancients – but somehow intensifies that berserker flourish so endemic to their native Poland, even with a wider variety of tempos employed. The recording, in kind, is confrontational but never faked: there’s no punching in of parts or copy/paste “production” techniques; the ultraviolence here is very real, and very overwhelming. Despite that unapologetically OTT approach, Terrestrial Hospice never forget actual songwriting – they shift speeds with deftness and dynamics, utilizing their full arsenal – nor the power of RIFFS, which flow and explode in equal measure across ‘Caviary to the General’. And perhaps the most surprising aspect of the album is the occasional and ever-so-subtle incorporation of eerie synths into their barbed-wire attack: at once remarkably vintage 1996 and palatably modern.

As savage and acidic as ever but proving they’re not a one-trick pony, Terrestrial Hospice obliterate past and present with ‘Caviary to the General’.

We have reviewed the previous release, ‘Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds’, and described it as: “Apocalyptic winds are more present than ever, and “ Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds” is a damn great debut album and strong contender for Black Metal album of the year. “

More info: Terrestrial Hospice; Ancient Dead Productions;