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An unholy alliance between Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas: "X new anthems of Orthodox Black Metal"

December 23, 2022

Οn this sacred Yule, Odium Records proudly announces ‘Draconian Elitism’ by Ofermod / Black Altar / Acherontas, the newly crafted split-release that will be released next year. A glorious covenant, exalted to the eyes of the Old Gods, taking spirit, flesh and bones, to seal a congregation regressing back in the victorious days of the genre, while thrusting forth to the victories to come.

The spawn of this insatiable gathering will be unleashed upon the mundane plains on 21st of June, on the blessed day of the Summer Solstice, as a digipack CD, LP, limited wooden box, digital, t-shirts and longsleeve garments, to fulfil and quench the thirsts and needs by every aspect, no less than the quality that such an offering deserves. Glimpses to the formats will be soon revealed to the masses.

It shall be a very special opus in the form of a split release, dedicated to the untold Mysteries of the Draconian Path, consisting of X new anthems of Orthodox Black Metal and lasting approximately 53 minutes. Thus, severing every tie the participants have set until forth, to form a deified monstrosity of terrors as well as an offering to the Victory of the Draconian Ways, above, beyond and astride Life and Death, a journey within theurgy and deification alike begins.

The cover artwork to enclose this opus into mortal shell was crafted and created by the infamous Daniele Valeriani, known for his formidable work with several powerful artists and individuals of the genre.

More info: Acherontas (Αχέροντας); Black Altar; Ofermod; Odium Records;

Necrovation back with a new EP: "Together, these two tracks display Necrovation honouring their past while pointing the way toward a very, VERY special future..."

December 21, 2022

Blood Harvest Records is proud to present Necrovation’s LONG-awaited comeback recording, ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’, on 7″ vinyl and cassette tape formats.

Formed in 2003, Necrovation soon began their ascent of the Swedish death metal underground. A demo, a split, and an EP followed in quick succession, the latter two via Blood Harvest, before some silence would pass. Alas, in 2008 did Necrovation release their debut album, ‘Breed Deadness Blood’, via Blood Harvest; it was soon hailed as modern classic for its unique synthesis of other eldritch death metal styles and textures and not merely just Swedeath. Another EP via Blood Harvest followed two years later, signaling further growth by the power trio. That growth would perhaps reach its apotheosis with the release of their eponymous second album in 2012. Still very much “death metal” by design, Necrovation here boldly integrated more traditional metal tropes – all without devolving into “death ‘n’ roll” pantomime – as well as other now-characteristic twists of weirdness.

Then…a deafening silence. Infrequent shows would happen over the ensuing decade, but plans for a new recording never materialized. Now, over a decade since Necrovation, Necrovation return in enigmatic fashion with a two-song EP bearing the title ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’. The record’s two component tracks are almost too perfectly titled: “Storm the Void” sounds very much like that, with tension-inducing stop/start angularity and a devouring thrust that would almost sound punk if it wasn’t so molten and creepy; “Starving Grave” is indeed thirsty and miserable, with a woozy march that defies easy imbibement and then with-no-warning bursts of clawing speed and vapor trails of more simmering tension and repose. Together, these two tracks display Necrovation honoring their past while pointing the way toward a very, VERY special future…if they, in fact, continue to stir their sulfurous cauldron. Only they know, but we are truly fortunate to receive ‘Storm the Void / Starving Grave’ to begin the year. Either way, Necrovation are eternal.

The previous release, ‘Necrovation’ was described by us as: “Some old Morbid Angel, Possessed and Death in the region “their first two albums” have made their entrance in the sound of Necrovation. All this with quite a Celtic Frost-ish doom vibe, resulting in a dark, heavy and technically more varied album with an emphasis on “dark”.”

More info: Necrovation; Blood Harvest;

Terrestrial Hospice ready to release 'Caviary to the General': "...the ultraviolence here is very real, and very overwhelming"

December 14, 2022

Ancient Dead Productions is proud to present Terrestrial Hospice’s highly anticipated second album, ‘Caviary to the General’, on CD and cassette tape formats.

Forming in 2018, Terrestrial Hospice quickly set to work on their first EP, Universal Hate Speech, released later than year by the esteemed Shadow Records. It’s not surprising that the feverish winds of creativity blew across the duo, as Terrestrial Hospice is the work of two veteran members of the black metal scene, most prominently drummer and driving force Inferno, who’s the erstwhile drummer for Behemoth and Azarath as well as lately playing guitar in Witchmaster. In any case, Universal Hate Speech was a terrorizing tease at a mere 20 minutes, and the duo followed it with the deathblow of their debut full-length, Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds, during that cursed year of 2020. The album was truly titled, and then some: there was no submitting to it, only the act of being flayed alive.

Now, Terrestrial Hospice return with an album arguably even more extreme: ‘Caviary to the General’. Compared to its quick ‘n’ concise predecessor, ‘Caviary to the General’ is undeniably a more expansive spin at 46 minutes; with nine songs instead of the seven on Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds, Terrestrial Hospice are more able to display the full fathom of their flaying strength. Indeed, ‘Caviary to the General’ caustically keeps the duo’s sound unyielding – a dark, dirty, devastating blast of classic Nordic-style hate steeped in the ancients – but somehow intensifies that berserker flourish so endemic to their native Poland, even with a wider variety of tempos employed. The recording, in kind, is confrontational but never faked: there’s no punching in of parts or copy/paste “production” techniques; the ultraviolence here is very real, and very overwhelming. Despite that unapologetically OTT approach, Terrestrial Hospice never forget actual songwriting – they shift speeds with deftness and dynamics, utilizing their full arsenal – nor the power of RIFFS, which flow and explode in equal measure across ‘Caviary to the General’. And perhaps the most surprising aspect of the album is the occasional and ever-so-subtle incorporation of eerie synths into their barbed-wire attack: at once remarkably vintage 1996 and palatably modern.

As savage and acidic as ever but proving they’re not a one-trick pony, Terrestrial Hospice obliterate past and present with ‘Caviary to the General’.

We have reviewed the previous release, ‘Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds’, and described it as: “Apocalyptic winds are more present than ever, and “ Indian Summer Brought Mushroom Clouds” is a damn great debut album and strong contender for Black Metal album of the year. “

More info: Terrestrial Hospice; Ancient Dead Productions;

Chaos Records to release new project of Maurice de Jong: "Born out of the love for ancient Metal of Death as well as doom, Cadaver Shrine are indeed putrefied, reeking of the same eternal rot of classic Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and other more underground-entrenched entities."

December 10, 2022

Chaos Records is proud to present Cadaver Shrine’s highly anticipated debut album, ’Benighted Desecration’, on CD format.

Cadaver Shrine is the work of Maurice de Jong, insanely prolific mainman of Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum, Cloak of Altering, Hagetisse, Golden Ashes, and countless others. Chaos has recently worked with de Jong’s doom-death band The Sombre on two albums, and now turn their attention to another deathly entity of his: Cadaver Shrine. Born out of the love for ancient Metal of Death as well as doom, Cadaver Shrine are indeed putrefied, reeking of the same eternal rot of classic Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and other more underground-entrenched entities.

Having released a two-song digital demo during October 2022, Cadaver Shrine rises from the rotting soil with their debut album, ‘Benighted Desecration’. Hulking and unremittingly heavy, ’Benighted Desecration’ rolls forward with the ominous intent of a tank; riffs crush bones, and the eerie twist of melody coursing through them adds an exquisite touch of doom. But, like The Sombre’s iteration of doom-death is a twisted one, so is Cadaver Shrine’s death metal: bouts of bestial speed crop up, sometimes jarringly/unsettlingly, and many moments of deathcrush are held longer for maximum hypnotic effect. However, the all-encompassing atmosphere of the album is one of putridity, its production tar-thick and sweltering.

Maniacs for old-school death metal and doomed death as well as modern practitioners of such like Spectral Voice, Grave Upheaval, and Encoffination are hereby commanded to enter Cadaver Shrine’s ’Benighted Desecration’.

More info: Cadaver Shrine; Chaos Records;

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions releasing new split of Pagan Rites and Vulcan Tyrant: "No one is safe from the primal hellfire that will slash through your speakers with raw punishment"

December 8, 2022

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions present an unholy alliance of Black/Thrash blasphemy!

Pagan Rites make their long awaited HPGD debut, showcasing two tracks of signature Satanic Black Metal madness. Formed way back in 1992, Pagan Rites are among the most sinister acts to have ever been exported from Sweden, and their material on this split is sure to please diehards and maniacs worldwide.

Vulcan Tyrant return to HPGD once again, unleashing two brand new tracks of infernal Blackened Speed/Thrash straight from the Netherlands. No one is safe from the primal hellfire that will slash through your speakers with raw punishment… fuck off and die posers! For fans of Abigail, Bathory, Deströyer 666, Destruction, Morbid, Nifelheim, Poison, early Slayer, Toxic Holocaust and Venom

More info: Pagan Rites; Vulcan Tyrant; Horror Pain Gore Death Productions;

'Til Death' reissued by Regain Records / Helter Skelter Productions: "Funereality upholds the slime-drenched banner planted by the legendary Autopsy in the late '80s."

December 8, 2022

Helter Skelter Productions(distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present Funereality’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Til Death’, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Formed in 2009, Sweden’s Funereality have lurked in the underground across a handful of demos and a couple of eps. The work of one Joachim Eversholt, Funereality are unique in that regard: while many Black Metal bands are the work of one person, few Death Metal ones are. And Eversholt’s vision of Death Metal is as sick – and pure, and purely SICK – as it gets: rough and raw, ghastly and gurgling, often doomy and always disgusting, Funereality upholds the slime-drenched banner planted by the legendary Autopsy in the late ’80s.

And those expecting Eversholt to change will be in for a shock with Funereality’s debut album, Til Death: simply more of MORE, and more DISGUSTING than ever! Truly, ‘Til Death’ is death metal for death metal maniacs, by a death metal maniac. Eversholt sticks to the same restless ‘n’ rumbling style of death metal that Funereality have made their stock in trade the past decade-plus, but simply sharpens the production and execution to dangerously sick levels. Truly, ‘Til Death’ sounds like an ’80s slasher flick made flesh; dread and doom are around every corner, and the violence rushes at you with little to no warning. There’s no escape, because you’re already dead…Til Death!

Originally released on limited-edition tape earlier this year, Helter Skelter now makes Til Death widely available on CD and vinyl formats. Can’t fade the filth of Funereality!

More info: Funereality; Helter Skelter Productions; Regain Records;

Malignant Altar calls it quits: "This was not a decision out of bad blood but rather an issue of a series of health incidents as well as a relocation to be closer to family..."

December 7, 2022

Malignant Altar made the following statement, distributed by the social media channels of Dark Descent Records:

“Thank you to everyone who followed us along the journey for the past 5 years as we tried to figure out what a Malignant Altar was. We are no longer a band but who knows what years down the line could hold. Never say die. This was not a decision out of bad blood but rather an issue of a series of health incidents as well as a relocation to be closer to family and thus putting a 3 hour drive between members. It was a great ride and thanks to everyone who came out to shows or bought records or even just listened to it on the free. Thanks to all the labels who helped us along the way and did an exhausting job of getting our records out around the globe. Extra thanks to Phil at Pyre Press for doing a phenomenal job of giving us some of the best looking merch on the planet and always being legit. All the bands we were close with, you know who you are. Dont get old, or at least try and take better care of your health. -MA”

The latest release, the split with Gosudar co-released by Me Saco un Ojo Records and Rotted Life Records, was described by us as: “Malignant Altar and their offerings of ‘Malfeasance (inexorable Enmity)’ and their cover of Imprecation’s ‘The Awakening of the Majestic Darkness’ have a more belligerent tone to both their riffs and vocals, and what they lack in haunting sinister vibes they more than make up with colossal drum tones, thunderous punishing bass lines and crushing, grime covered guitar leads. There is also more of a flair for the guitar solo here and Malignant Altar are certainly not averse to the odd spot of technicality in their guitar play, or for that matter a spot of dark sounding synth undertone when the moment calls for it.”

More info: Malignant Altar; Dark Descent Records;

Raw Skull Recordz and Into It Records to release the new EP of Charred Remains: "This is as old school as it gets."

December 6, 2022

Raw Skull Recordz and Into It Records are beyond excited to announce that they are releasing “Vulgar Surgery”, the debut MCD of German old school 3-piece Charred Remains.

Charred Remains brings you straight back to the earliest days of the true underground Death Metal. Influenced by pioneering acts such as Death, Morgoth and obviously Autopsy. This is as old school as it gets. Song-titles like ‘Coffin Fluids’, ‘Naked’ and ‘Mangled and Rotification’ leave nothing to the imagination. This is filthy, rotting Death Metal.

The CD version will be released February 2023, while Into it Records will handle the cassette edition.

More info: Charred Remains; Into It Records; Raw Skull Recordz;

Abysmal Lord presents their new album: "As such, while retaining their foundational elements, Abysmal Lord’s newest offering bears semblance to South America's most infernal names..."

December 2, 2022

Hells Headbangers is proud to present Abysmal Lord’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Bestiary of Immortal Hunger’, on CD and vinyl LP formats, the CD and tape versions will be released on December 30th while the vinyl version will follow next year.

Since their grand emergence in 2014 with the ‘Storms of Unholy Black Mass’ debut EP, New Orleans’ Abysmal Lord have vaulted to the forefront of the modern bestial metal scene. Red-eyed and rabid, their primeval surge swallows listeners whole with preternatural ease – or simply (black)grinds them down to dust. Under the auspices of Hells Headbangers, the band has gone from strength to strength with each new recording, each one a swift ‘n’ tactical strike on all that is holy and pure. Both 2015’s ‘Disciples of the Inferno’ and 2019’s ‘Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal’ have established Abysmal Lord as a none-more-formidable name in the metal underground, with their shock ‘n’ awe live prowess proving that such sonic bestiality is best witnessed in the flesh.

Since the release of 2020’s Cathedral EP, much has transpired in Abysmal Lord camp. A tumultuous period, drummer Barbaric Slayer exited the band to further pursue a spiritual journey deeper inward. Meanwhile, vocalist/guitarist Nocturnal Damnation and bassist/guitarist Guillotine committed themselves to continuing the path of no return. With no reasonable alternative, Abysmal Lord decided that, for their next full-length, Nocturnal Damnation will handle drumming duties (as was done on the aforementioned ‘Storms of Unholy Black Mass’). Maximum effort was expended to ensure that the brutality and chaos of Barbaric Slayer’s tradition was honored and continued.

And indeed it has, and then some, with the arrival of ‘Bestiary of Immortal Hunger’. On first glance, Abysmal Lord’s third album retains all the red-eyed and rabid elements of yore – OTT explosion and forward propulsion in the grand tradition of Blasphemy, Black Witchery, and Proclamation and then malforming it into morbid, miasmic shapes – but peer deeper into this gurgling pit of despair & darkness and one will find surprising twists to their core sound. Foremost, perhaps, is the unhinged drumming of Nocturnal Damnation; foregoing sustained blasting, instead he draws influence from the fucked-up ‘n’ feral drumming of DD Crazy (during his early Sarcofago days as well as Sextrash) and Hadez’ Tonyn Destructor, especially on that band’s Guerroros de la Muerte demo. Unorthodox but undeniably effective, these more angular and askew rhythms form a (feral/fucked-up) foundation for Abysmal Lord’s most CRAZED and chaotic songwriting to date.

As such, while retaining their foundational elements, Abysmal Lord’s newest offering bears semblance to South America’s most infernal names: the aforementioned early days of Hadez, Sarcofago, and especially Sextrash but also Holocausto, Parabellum, and Reencarnacion. With an even more unsettling style of evil and total darkness, not to mention a plethora of mind-melted solos, ‘Bestiary of Immortal Hunger’ also slots itself well alongside Mystifier’s pivotal first couple albums and early Beherit. Naturally, naysayers will still contend that this unholy racket is still “just” bestial metal or war metal or whatever – and for Abysmal Lord, that’s fine, as hailing and giving honor to a certain tradition in metal is part of the essence of this wider subculture. Those who know, know, and they will understand deeper, darker truths with this ‘Bestiary of Immortal Hunger’.

We described their previous full-length ‘Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal’ as: ““Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal” definitely conjures a storms worth of vicious hate and destruction that stands shoulder to shoulder with genre legends like Proclamation and Archgoat. “

More info: Abysmal Lord; Hells Headbangers Records;

Memento Mori will release the new Rigor Sardonicous: "You don't "listen" to this album, and you most definitely don't "endure" it; its ominous corpulence is only experienced. Bleak? That's simply too fun."

December 1, 2022

In their endless quest to push and support current underground acts that deliver the goods unaware of trends and hypes, on January 23rd, 2023, Memento Mori is proud to present Rigor Sardonicous’ long-awaited seventh album, ‘Praeparet Bellum’.

True purveyors of aural torment, Rigor Sardonicous are one of the cultest bands of the American death metal underground. Formed in 1988, the long-standing duo of bassist Glenn Hampton and vocalist/guitarist Joseph Fogarazzo remain one of the darkest and creepiest bands calling “death metal” home. Aided by their ever-trustworthy drum-machine, Rigor Sardonicous are utterly lifeless and excruciatingly slow, almost daring the listener to find any “fun” in their all-devouring void of inertia. You could almost qualify their music(k) as Doom-Death, but not in the traditional sense; existing for as long as (and even longer) than aesthetic forebears like Unholy and Evoken, Rigor Sardonicous’ slo-mo sizzle equally bears a future-primitive texture not unlike earliest Godflesh or especially the cult Skin Chamber.

And so it goes with ‘Praeparet Bellum’, the band’s first full-length recording in over a decade. Immediately and ruinously recognizable as Rigor Sardonicous, ‘Praeparet Bellum’ thankfully features all the duo’s signature elements – crushing heaviness, beyond-guttural vocals, and the very slowest of songwriting movement – but devolves them to a frightening degree. Perhaps because of their eerie absence since 2012’s Memento Mori-released Ego Diligio Vos, Rigor Sardonicous sound more unique than ever on ‘Praeparet Bellum’: the subgenres of doom-death and funeral doom are definitely in full swing, but there’s little to nothing around as unremittingly EMPTY and HOPELESS as this. You don’t “listen” to this album, and you most definitely don’t “endure” it; its ominous corpulence is only experienced. Bleak? That’s simply too fun.

Here stands the End of all Ends. Be warned: you will NOT return from Rigor Sardonicous’ ‘Praeparet Bellum’!

More info: Rigor Sardonicous; Memento Mori;