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Worm's 'Gloomlord' re-release by 20 Buck Spin: "With those added aspects lead progenitor Phantom Slaughter considers this the definitive version of 'Gloomlord'"

November 28, 2022

Worm’s second album, the early 2020 release ‘Gloomlord’, was a precursor to the massive impact that would make the world tremble on 2021’s ‘Foreverglade’. Itself a large stylistic leap forward from Worm’s debut album, ‘Gloomlord’ brought the band to wider attention and the Floridian Funeral Doom contained within has since amassed a cult-like following of its own.

Until now ‘Gloomlord’ has been a somewhat difficult score in the States and often unavailable. As such, with the band now firmly at home on 20 Buck Spin and looking to make its first live appearances in 2023 it was time to sate the increasing demand and make ‘Gloomlord’ easily available to the masses.

As an added bonus the album has been completely re-mastered by Greg Chandler of the funereal legends Esoteric at Priory Recording Studios in the UK. And like the ‘Foreverglade’ and ‘Bluenothing’ vinyl releases, the reissued “Gloomlord” now comes with a huge poster insert. With those added aspects lead progenitor Phantom Slaughter considers this the definitive version of ‘Gloomlord’.

We described ‘Gloomlord’ as “Worm has carved out a section of the musical scene most recently occupied by Spectral Voice, yet also reminding me of the likes of Mizmor with their deep mournfulness. “Gloomlord” is an emotional album that doesn’t sacrifice the venom; hitting you with both the pain inside your head and inside your body.”

More info: Worm; 20 Buck Spin;

Helter Skelter Records re-releases Ragnarok's 'In Nomine Satanas', 'Blackdoor Miracle' and 'Collectors of the King'

November 27, 2022

Helter Skelter Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) announces December 30th as the international release date for three reissues of Norway’s Ragnarok – 2002’s ‘In Nomine Satanas’, 2004’s Blackdoor Miracle, and 2010’s ‘Collectors of the King’ – on digipack CD format. The vinyl editions of all three are expected on March 30th, 2023.

One of the longest-running active Norwegian Black Metal bands left, Ragnarok formed in 1994 and released two demos in as many years. However, it was the band’s debut album, ‘Nattferd’, where they began to make their mark. Back then, the Ragnarok sound was a more measured and mystical one, which they continued with the 1997 follow-up ‘Arising Realm’; both albums are prized as cult pillars of “medieval Black Metal.” By 1999’s ‘Diabolical Age’, Ragnarok quickened their attack and never looked back.

Indeed, it looked like the new millennium was Ragnarok’s for the taking. Released in 2002, In ‘Nomine Satanas’ saw the band bridging freezing melody with burning aggression – “fire and ice,” as it were – and they arguably perfected it on the colder ‘n’ more violent ‘Blackdoor Miracle’ two years later. Both albums were recorded at the esteemed Abyss Studio – back then, the de rigueur studio for Swedish Black Metal and Death alike – and Ragnarok commendably kept apace with that era-authentic sound and style. Lineup problems would arise thereafter, and it would be another six years before a new Ragnarok full-length was released. Nevertheless, 2010’s ‘Collectors of the King’ proved that Ragnarok had plenty of fuel left in the tank. Recorded at the also-esteemed Endarker Studios, the album showed a moodier side to the band while, elsewhere, their characteristic violence was nastier than ever. Since then, the band have released three more albums during the next decade and are going stronger than ever.

At long last, all three aforementioned albums are back in print on CD, and ‘Collectors of the King’ will be released on vinyl for the first time ever.

More info: Ragnarok; Helter Skelter Productions;

Tenebro releasing a new digital only EP with Impetigo cover

November 24, 2022

Italian Horror Death Metal band Tenebro, have just release a free listening & download 2-song EP titled “Carne Humana”, available on the Youtube, Bandcamp & Spotify sites of Xtreem Music. The EP included the title-track and the Impetigo cover “Trap Them and Kill Them”. The links can be found on the VM-Underground pages of both Tenebro and Xtreem Music.

More info: Tenebro; Xtreem Music;

Revolting signs with Xtreem Music; "a great album of heavy, powerful and catchy Death Metal full of excellent melodies"

November 24, 2022

Swedish Deathmetallers Revolting have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their 8th album entitled “Born to Be Dead” and is scheduled to be launched on November 29th on CD and Digital formats.

Revolting is one of multiple bands fronted by Rogga Johansson, formed in 2007. The band has released 7 albums to date, two on Razorback Rec.: “Dreadful Pleasures” (2009) and “The Terror Threshold” (2010), four on FDA Rec.: “In Grisly Rapture” (2011), “Hymns of Ghastly Horror” (2012), “Visages of the Unspeakable” (2015) and “Monolith of Madness” (2018) and one on Transcending Obscitury Rec.: “Shadow at the Worlds End” (2020) . Now it’s Xtreem Music’s turn to release their 8th album “Born to Be Dead” which is a great album of heavy, powerful and catchy Death Metal full of excellent melodies.

More info: Revolting; Xtreem Music;

VM-Underground website upgrade, adjustments and new features...

November 24, 2022

…Or a 2.0 version if you will…

After a couple of years using the old version, we got a bit caught with the restrictions of the site since we are increasing the updates on a daily basis. Also, we received lots of ideas, complaints etc. from visitors (or even my own crew, the bastards!), all with good intentions to increase the quality of the zine itself or to browse throughout the archive we have. So we started to tweak a bit, to add some features etc.

We do this on the fly, so we aren’t going “under construction” for a month or something like that, because in this day and age…when you’re offline for a week, you’re almost offline for good for the browsing community. So this month you will see features pop up, we are adding new tags to reviews etc. Still, in the, let’s call it “minimalistic” way, you are familiar with when visiting VM-Underground. But it could be possible something new isn’t working 100% immediately. Keep in mind, it will soon.

Some of the new things you can expect are a news-section, an author tag (so you can browse through the author’s articles), links to the band’s or label’s homepage, Bandcamp, Youtube channel, webshop etc., a better search engine…just to name a few.

Thanks for all the support throughout the years, hope you will keep on supporting us.