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The story behind VM – Underground


It all started out of the blue in the summer of 1997. A couple of young guys with a huge passion for (extreme) metal started a fanzine… While discussing about bands we were going to interview, the Moonspell album “Wolfheart” was playing in the background. We all liked the song “Vampiria” alot because of the dark atmosphere of that track. Why not using the track title as moniker for our fanzine? And there you go… Vampire Magazine was born!

After two Xeroxed issues we, obviously, began writing articles for our third issue. But we got so many reviews and interviews that made us switch from a Xeroxed fanzine to a webzine. Many, many… many reviews, interviews and all kind of other articles later (like 15.000 to be more precise!), the chief-editor and founder of Vampire Magazine left and it all changed into Archaic Magazine in the summer of 2008. And 2011 was the year Archaic Magazine pulled the plug…


After years of silence, the former Vampire Magazine chief editor, contacted some former crewmembers to resurrect VM again, only with a DIY-attitude. After some discussions, a bunch of them started writing again at the end of 2012 and this time VM-Underground was born!

VM-Underground… Well, we have chosen to adopt the VM thing again, because many people are still positive about the work we did with Vampire Magazine in the past. And we have chosen “Underground” because we think many bands don’t get the attention they deserve because of the many releases by many labels that are being send to zines with all kind of deadlines.

So you are expecting a new webzine? You’re wrong. We are going old school… only with new technology.

Important notice: As said… you’re dealing with a DIY-fanzine. Everything you will read is our humble opinion and we are the only one who decide which bands/albums are going to be featured on our pages. You like it? Great, we appreciate it and hopefully you keep on enjoying our articles. You hate it? Don’t bother to venture your opinion towards us, as we don’t care and don’t have the spare time to care. There are so many other zines who will probably write something you do like or have the same opinion like you, spend your time with them.


After releasing 4 issues, we received a lot of compliments (thank you all for that!) we also got messages like “oh, you’re still active?” and “didn’t know VM-Underground still exists”. You can imagine we have to change some things around. So we came back on the “webzine” thought and wanted to create a non-flashy online fanzine besides the PDF fanzine. Nothing huge or fancy, just reviews and interviews on the website and all kind of historical articles and old interviews with old school layout will be published in the fanzine. This way you will see VM-Underground is alive and kickin’ and the demo bands we are interviewing don’t have to wait for months to see their interview published. It’s also a stimulation for the ones I can’t do without this…the contributors. They deserve exposure for their work as well. Basically, it’s adding all the numbers to conclude to split the content.

What can you expect from VM-Underground?

I can’t say this enough…we are a fanzine. So we are as subjective as hell! Bring on Dismember clone no. 7291! No seriously, it is just our opinion…nothing more, nothing less. Are you offended by one of our articles? Come on! Really? Offended?

VM-Underground support the aesthetics within Extreme Metal of the 80s and 90s, which means we are not interested how scenes have evolved in all kind of sub scenes or changed the last couple of years. If there is a scene who plays Black Metal-like music but the songs are about cauliflower or how happy and positive the artist is, don’t expect it here.

“So what is your political stance, cause that is sooo important for me before I read your articles or sending material…or just in general because I divide human beings by it”.
Fuck you! There you have it. Fuck you, you cunt! We are non-political in any way on these pages and we don’t care about your political views nor moral compass either. Be it communism, anarchism, authoritarianism, fascism and nazism, democracy and so on…history shows it will always beholds too much power by the wrong people having wrong ideas and money in the wrong pockets.  Lets agree humanity in general is a failure. And there will always be someone with a more superior moral compass than you and will judge you by it. We are not going to jump on the hypocritical online bandwagon where one individual should be punished in your eyes for something that happened many years ago because you don’t sympathise with the individual, while you reaction with another individual on an similar action is “let it go, it has been so many years ago. Grow up, he already explained it” just because you like the music or sympathise with the individual. Does this mean we aren’t hypocrites? Oh yes we are, just not your kind of hypocrites.

VM-Underground will be about music only as we separate the art from the artist and we don’t glorify any political thoughts of them. Therefore, it could be quite possible we review or interview a band that the almighty stupendous social media community frown upon or a part of them have on their “no-no”-list.  Don’t bitch about, just don’t check it out, don’t read it, don’t listen to it…

So don’t bother to contact us if we review the new Nokturnal Mortum or a demo of a band which has a member of the Blazebirth Hall scene 20 years ago, or a band with a member of which you think has a “guilty by association”-history. Nor if a band member is a leftie tree-hugging with dreadlocks vegan and thinks that “all meat-lovers should die” because it’s “murder” in their eyes. Use your brain for once….

Maestro! Music please! What you say? Something of Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement to Obliteration” or Burzum’s “Dunkelheit? Why not both!

VM-Underground Staff

Chief-Editor/Owner: Ricardo
Logo / illustrations: Stijn

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