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Zombiefication – Reaper’s Consecration [EP]

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What the hell do you get if you have Dismember’s “Indecent & Obscene” or Carnage’s “Recollections” in one hand and Quesadillas in the other while screamin’ “”¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!” on the rhythm of Entombed’s “Drowned”? What, to many stereotypes? Still, you get Swedish Death Metal from Mexico presented by the gruesome twosome, Mr. Hitch and Mr. Jacko, of Zombiefication. Their debut “Midnight Stench” received solid yet above average critics where the fans of the genre described the release as solid and the ones who are looking for something “refreshing” consider it above average. Let’s just say that you can expect the same with “Reaper’s Consecration”, as the core of their musical anguish remained unchanged. It is the same SweDeath Metal with all the d-beat elements, crushing guitars and ditto production we all know so well. Slight difference with the debut, is the more uptempo attitude during the songs where “Midnight Stench” has more slower riffs. As with their debut, Zombiefication did fail a bit to capture my full attention without really knowing why myself. The feeling that things could be better qua catchy riffs and tempo changes will haunt my mind while attentively listening to this record. Somehow it is regrettable, on the other hand, I look forward to the next through blood and intestines draped musical debauchery of this slaughtering duo, whether they can rival the Swedish masters of sordid death metal. (Ricardo)