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Writhing Shadows – Flesh Magic of The Haruspex [EP]

writhing shadows – flesh magic of the haruspex [ep]

This band upon initial hearing really exceeded my expectations. Even from where I thought they originated…which I assumed was east coast like NY/NJ, NOPE, fucking Birmingham, AL!!

They put out a previous demo earlier this year but EP “Flesh Magic of the Haruspex” leaves one almost smitten to hear it for themselves. The lively play up of meshing old school build ups of prior Death Metal acts like Bolt Thrower and giving some heavily down tuned doomy ambiance reminiscent of Asphyx, but vocal style thats husky and rich, giving off a metalcore cadence. Cover art by Alberto Molina; has a crown of impaled corpses haloed around this menacing, rotting figure with vibrant shades of red and darker black shades.

Featuring four tunes, all within the 3 minute range, giving a raw but polished, rich and spacious sound to its quality. Couple of notable tracks to mention is “Veins of Prophecy”, shifts from mid to upbeat tempo beat with hefty drumming technique shown along with a dreamy melodic guitar riff that comes in at the 2:00 mark. Another is “Dissected by Fate” which showcases a very savory bassline at 2:31 that makes you play it back to hear the thick groove seeping out.

Very pleased with this EP and already stoked to hear more! (Tori Belle)