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Wrathrone – Reflections of Torment

wrathrone – reflections of torment

The second album from Wraththrone, Finland, is just plain, pounding, simple and straightforward Death Metal. Why make it difficult? When it sounds like a horse, looks like a horse and craps like a horse, don’t say it is an elephant. So like I said, traditional and Old School Death Metal and you should look in the Scandinavian groovy corner. Give it a listen if you banging your head during the groovy and mid-tempo tracks of acts like Entrails and Bloodbath as they have more similarities with them than with old Convulse or Adramelech.

Not a bad album nor a mediocre one, but I don’t think someone will say “hey, the new Wrathrone, you must have that one in your collection”. Therefore there are too many albums with the same quality. I can make an essay out of it…but it would be still plain, pounding, simple and straightforward Death Metal…and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so. (Ricardo)