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Wørsen – Stronghold

wørsen – stronghold

Grinding Black/Death Metal with occasional D-beat drums and groove…well, you can guess you’re in for a maelstrom of chaos, a whirlwind of sound if you will.

And it is exactly like that. This is like dancing with a dumbtruck…there is no subtle move on “Stronghold” and you will be crushed, yet for those who like to lay off some steam after receiving a speeding ticket and are interested in the combination of the grinding groove and War Metal, this a good channel to receive or let go of some hate. Although first released by Primal Vomit Records and Dead Tank Records on cassette in 2018, Nihilistic Noise Propaganda re-issued this filth on CD in 2020.

Put on your dancing shoes…and tease your nearest dumbtruck. (Ricardo)