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Wolven – New World Apocalypse [Demo]

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Mister Dupont, FLP for friends, was involved in a lot of bands which played many different styles. Most known for his art in Gorath (Belgium), he had the urge to canalize his critical view on the political world by creating a d-beat crusty punkish death ‘n roll infused with Black Metal kind of project. Hidden for years, made public in 2015. Awake, react, revolt! So, what can one expect? Impaled Nazarene with a guest writer called Nicke Andersson and a slightly distorted L-G. Petrov screaming his lungs out in the rehearsal room. Or something like the Osmose Productions project called Rocking Dildos…and surprise…with Sir Luttinen in the ranks as well. And that’s not the only link, as visually the gasmasks are all over the place. Besides full speed ahead Black Metal, there are also some melodic twists on “I am Devil” and “All Life Ends”. Like what you’re reading? Be quick to order a cassette of Wolven, as there only a few left (Ricardo)