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Whoredom Rife – Nid – Hymner av hat

whoredom rife – nid – hymner av hat

Second full length album by this amazing Norwegian act and yes, the primitive style is still alive. It’s very nice to see that are bands out there to hold the flame alive still. Old school primitive Norwegian black metal; amazing cold mid-tempo riffing, fast drumming and hearse vocals, all in a huge production which consists everything that you expect.

With the last Misotheist album these are the best to check out. Listen to a track such as ”Where Shadows Dwell” with these awesome riffs and remember why you love this kind of music. I am sure that we are talking about the next big thing that comes from Norway…recommended for fans of bands like Taake, Khold, Darkthrone and old Enslaved. (John Giakoumakis)