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Wharflurch – Lurking Doom [EP]

wharflurch – lurking doom [ep]

When it comes to bands based out of Florida, those mossy fumes from swamplands probably seep into their heads, embedded within to develop a musical sound that’s so murky, damp, and saturated with reverb. With an oddball name like Wharflurch, you get a sinister, heavily distorted, yet cavernous impression with chunky, meaty riffs.

Premiere EP titled “Lurking Doom” originally came out in May, rereleased through east coast label Gurgling Gore. A revamped cover art done by tomorrowghost was originally smoky with black detail, this time giving a black background with white and shamrock outlines of a rising corpse from its casket.

Featuring five tracks, all within a 3 to 4 minute range, about 20 minutes of listening pleasure for those who are fans of Anatomia, Cryptic Brood, or Funebrarum will appreciate what “Lurking Doom” offers. Starting with “Kosmosa Kompums” (was figuring out where the hell they derived the title from but fuck it), it’s intro comes off cosmic, gradually feeling you’re slipping into an unwelcoming dwelling. Heading “Flensing Blade”, simple but memorable riffs that stick in your head along with the drumming and “spacey” breakdown beginning around 1:39. “Sulphur Hell” has a bit of a buildup, but the outro makes up for it, love the supernatural almost celestial sound that starts at 2:53. “The Unfathomable Doom” has a similar structure like “Sulphur Hell”, just less condensed, still fucking rips. And lastly, closing track “Immortal Pain” has that old school Death Metal feel, really admiring the vocal range of the shrieks coming mixed with guttural that sound as if they were saturated in mucky grime.

Solid release for 2020! (Tori Belle)