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Watain – Sworn to The Dark

watain – sworn to the dark

Erik Danielsson once said: “when you create a Black Metal-album, a satanic album, it must be monumental.” Four years after “Casus Luciferi” Watain strike back with “Sworn to the Dark”. Even before “Casus Luciferi” the black metal scene nailed the band to the wall saying they were unable to touch the level of their debut album “Rabid Death’s Curse”, released back in 2000. “Casus Luciferi” turned out to be Watain’s most essential release up to date. History repeats itself, as was told Watain could never meet up the standards they had set on that album. Many were already disappointed when hearing the title track of “Sworn to the Dark” on the Seasons Of Mist website.

Well, they shouldn’t complain. Let this be clear: black metal does not get weaker with a good production and professional approach! Fuck those who can’t stand good bands get good feedback and therefore a good reputation. Watain never renounced their ideals or they musical style. Just like before they are very close to what Dissection once brought, but less melodic and more black-metal orientated, hence titles as “Satan’s Hunger” and “Underneath the Cenotaph”. And the title track itself reminds me a bit of the latest Secrets Of The Moon. Sometimes I have the feeling there’s has been some recycling from the previous album, nevertheless songs like the opening track “Legions of the Black Light”, “The Serpent’s Chalice” and the epic “Stellarvore” offer a lot more than just standard riffing. On “Sworn to the Dark” Watain distances themselves from their known dirty sound and raw vocals and this suits them perfectly! The unholy trinity of E., P. and H. has sworn to the dark there is no turning back – Black Metal Militia to the death! (FilipD)