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Wampyric Rites – The Eternal Melancholy of the Wampyre

wampyric rites – the eternal melancholy of the wampyre


I was lucky to discover this project at an early stage, probably while browsing through YouTube, I reckon. Some of our best finds occur that way, correct? Well, Wampyric Rites is a project / an entity that has, in my opinion, grown since its inception.

Moving through the realms of Dungeon Synth and Raw Black Metal, the mind behind the Equatorian band has strengthened the core of its Music, creating a beast that has indeed, evolved. As Wampyric Ritesitten by your scribe in a very much appreciated YouTube channel: “The RAW, yet Melodic and almost full of “light”…”; it is, in a way, the idea one extracts from this Demo – the 5th, but “baptized” 4th – when the music is over.

I have always looked at Wampyric Rites as the almost perfect hybrid creation between the Raw and the Dungeon facets of Black Metal. The way he elaborates his sound, it does this very dark, yet very characteristic picture of Wampyric Rites. It would be a lot easier to state that the evolution Wampyric Rites went through, took the music to a much higher level, but that would give very little in terms of information… but I do believe that it is actually that, in the end: an evolution that led the music, and the artist, towards different depths and darken sights.

We are still within the realm of despairing melodies and darken atmospheres, but there is a particular atmosphere floating around, one we have not heard of yet in Wampyric Rites’s music. Is it evolution? Is it the logical path of the artist? We might never know, and we might not even be interested in knowing, for that matter, we simply wish to enjoy the sweet tunes. (DanielP)

Inferna Profundus Records

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