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Walpurgisnacht – Vergheldinghens Crachte

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My home country, The Netherlands, is more known for their Death Metal history than the Black Metal one. Still, we do have acts and albums which are certainly recommendable although they are mostly not mentioned in many Black Metal adepts’ year lists. Walpurgisnacht is one of them. Due the lucky fact I had a small webzine called Vampire Magazine, I received the demo “Moerasgeshomp” and their debut album “Die derwaert gaen en keeren niet” and had the chance to get acquainted with the Black Metal sung in the native language. Although the band already has been disbanded, their last album has now been released on tape as well. Their swansong “Vergheldinghens Crachte” is a nice piece of raw yet melodic Black Metal with several different Black Metal scene influences. Some tracks have a Nordic foundation, while “The Mewlips” has an early Sear Bliss mixed with Darkestrah vibe going on. The opening track “Pest in de Peel” have a huge wink towards Abigor, as the melody line which starts at 3:42 has a huge, yet slower, resemblance of the start of “Weeping Midwintertears” of the “Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age”-album. With lyrics on all kind of Old Dutch folklore and dark historical tales as well as the past of the origin of the band, a niche like Swamp Metal is easily made. All in all, if a band thinks it is the end of a journey, this is a more than nice way to end it. (Ricardo)