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Vspolokh – Помре

vspolokh – Помре

With their 2nd full-length “Помре”, Vspolokh continues the saga of Russian Black Metal which beholds every aspect of the Slavonic scene, so you will hear some enchanting epic melodies with repeating riffs which will last a long time. Or as they call it; “Ural Chthonic Black Metal”.

It would be a bit easy just to drop Drudkh here, of which the similarities are present without any doubt, but I would like to put them more in the direction of Ygg mixed with Khors because of the melodic and epic atmosphere which decreases the harshness. Not a bad thing though, as you can always listen to Astrofaes afterwards for example, if you want the more raw version of the scene.

Although “Помре” doesn’t have the “oh fuck mate, you have to hear this!” factor, it is definitely a solid album that will please the fans who are more into the epic side of the Russian Black Metal scene. (Ricardo)