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Vrexiza – Vrexiza [Demo]

vrexiza – vrexiza [demo]

Canada has a long history in Black Metal, being the home of well-known bands and artists. Vrexiza is a trio from Ontario, Toronto, set to do their share in spreading Black Metal in the frozen vast lands of the North. They pull it off very well, if I may say.

Four tracks about War and Conflicts that do not fall into the cheesy War Metal sound. In fact, I consider their music to have a certain level of complexity, elaborated details, here and there, that make up for a very good release. Inspired by world conflicts, the self-titled Demo is an excellent presentation for a band that fused the violent side to the melodic side, and ended up with these 4 tracks. It has power, it has riffs and hooks, and it has a high level of energy! Sometimes one should keep it short, and precise, for there is no real need to stretch things.

Vrexiza is Black Metal, and their Black Metal is good. (DanielP)