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Vort – Demo 2019 [Demo]

vort – demo 2019 [demo]

Unfolding before you, a Twisted Mass Of Manifold Death…That is it! Nothing, nada, zilch…zero information about Vort. The only thing they give away is the fact they are from Ghent which is a city in Belgium. A beautiful I may say with a great looking historical buildings, nice pubs…Dok Brewing Company for instance and the smallest one being “Het Galgenhuisje” which can be translated as the “Small Gallows House” where people could throw anything to citizens who were convicted for public humiliation or public shaming by pillories in medieval times. But you could take a look at ones who were sentenced to death by the gallow. Let’s just say the gallow and Ghent are a common combination…

Well, I’ve said more about Ghent than Vort. Well, there is still of bit of info on Vort, as the line-up consists of K.P. (bass), T.S. (drums) and S.A. (guitars). Yeah, I know…it doesn’t mean squat to me too. What does have my interest is the murky and foggy Death Metal those guys are playing. The tracks “Subdermal Putresence” and “Augmentation of the Black Void” are having the mix of Death Metal and the dark Doom atmosphere in the vein of Spectral Voice and Krypts. Absolutely a good listen creating an urge for more. (Ricardo)