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Vomit Spell – Vomit Spell

vomit spell – vomit spell

Before getting into it, let me remind y’all this is ONE person’s opinion, not speaking for everyone so refrain chewing my head off for what I’m about to write. When it comes to German quartet Vomit Spell, had high expectations of the self-titled LP after their promising “Demo 2019”, highlights being “Monastery of Infamy” & “Delirious Incineration”, only to be left with mixed feelings after its nearly thirty five minute duration.

Wonderful cover art by Necrofrost, pillars with detailed webbed carcasses hunched over in the bold red & black scheme that catches your eye.

While I do appreciate them sustaining the natural tonality with production, it was difficult to decipher where one track ended & one began during “Necrotonic”, “Contamination Void”, & “Axiom of Annihilation”, which could have easily merged into one extensive tune. Aside from the redundancy that occurs mainly in the first half, you get what you paid for, which is a straightforward death grind release. Ten aggressively bludgeoning songs, there IS also some good out of this.

There’s few that contain variance of tempo changes where it’s jarringly expeditious then gradually decelerates by midway points, notable on intro “Carnage At The Morgue”, & second half of album titles like “Curbside Lacerations”, & “Death Junkie (Addicted To Murder)”, joined by those cryptic gravelly vocals, transparent riffs & profusion of blast beats.

My favored track overall is “Spiritual Enslavement”, there’s a brief riff in the beginning that’s nostalgic of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” (google it) immediately gripped my attention and has a bit more texture from guitar work overlapping the vocals and keeps a relatively digestible time length for this song and once again a prime of how they shift tempo, really giving guitar center stage on this one alone versus constant percussion throughout.

Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it, either way a valiant effort. (Tori Belle)