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Void Rot – Telluric Dismemberment [EP]

void rot – telluric dismemberment [ep]

Gritty Death/Doom from Minnesota in the guise of Void Rot, a gruesome sounding quartet whose brand new EP ‘Telluric Dismemberment’ is a depraved little slab of festering filth bubbling up from the swamp of all things vile. Cavernous echoing production provides Void Rot with a satisfyingly murky sound and the drumming of Will Bell when coupled with said production values gives ‘Telluric Dismemberment’ a writhing unsettling sound during opening title track. From there a more bludgeoning approach is utilized with brooding riffs, deep menacing growls and pummelling bass all combining to beat your senses to a bloody miserable pulp. In a way this EP feels very much like the band releasing something to keep the momentum going, as the five tracks feature a sickening re-imagining of an early Amorphis song, as well as three grizzled sounding live rituals which radiate with an old school gloom! Everything about Void Rot and the way in which they structure their songs reeks of a nightmarish morbid atmosphere, oozes with primal horror and death. As for the three live offerings, I can only imagine how crushing Void Rot sounds in person. Nothing about ‘Telluric Dismemberment’ is polished or shiny, it’s all savage, raw and dripping with unadulterated filth. More of this sort of thing please Void Rot. (Luke hayhurst)