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Vitriol [USA] – Pain will Define their Death [EP]

vitriol [usa] – pain will define their death [ep]

Another American band that seen their independent EP released through a label cause there’s so much potential in the band. Vitriol, which means like fucking someone or talk bad about someone in words or writing OR a corrosive chemical, is one of the many bands that play death metal. It’s not really old school metal they provide, cause there are lots of technical moments in their sound and it sound all shattering and furious. Sometimes it also sound somewhat messy, but that’s just because all tracks sound intense. I hear two different vocals (both screaming mostly) on this EP, and apparently they come out of the mouth of bass player Adam Roethlisberger and guitarist Kyle Rasmussen, and man, this Kyle can play fucking awesome riffs that sound raving and mad.

Four tracks are audible on this disc, where track ‘The Parting of a Neck’ is added as bonus in comparison with the original tracklist. This disc has to spin multiple times in your stereo if you want to discover all facets of this band’s sound. If you want to listen, then I would politely point out track ‘Victim’, just a killer song from a killer band to become. If their first material sounds that good, then I’m thrilled to see what comes next. (Fredde)