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Vistery – Sinister Prophecy

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After releasing the debut “Procreation of the Wicked” in 2011, Alexey Kizillo from Belarus only took a year to haunt human kind with a follow-up called “Sinister Prophecy”. With such a debut album title, you would expect some Celtic Frost influenced stuff. To make it clear, according to mr. Kizillo, Vistery is influenced by bands like Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under, so you can expect American 1990s Death Metal. The Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under hints can be found, but don’t expect any catchy riffs or songs like “Skull Full of Maggots”, “Lycanthropy”, “The Enemy Inside” or “Addicted to Vaginal Skin”. It’s a bit too generic to get all crazy about it as the riffs and leads are simplistic. At the end, nothing sticks. A typical album which I consider as an average one because of the fact I have heard it so many times before and more important: I’ve heard it a lot better. (Ricardo)