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Violent Resurrection – Wicked Consciousness [EP]

violent resurrection – wicked consciousness [ep]

Out of Blitar, Indonesia, Violent Resurrection slaps me in the face like the little bitch i am with “wicked consciousness”. A five track EP that ‘ll definitely wake you up in the morning after a rough night filled with liqour and beer. Greedy Dust Records signed these Indonesian metal mongers up, EyeDust delivered the artwork. This is the stuff that makes you tear down the cockpit of your messy car, to deliberately run over little children pets and cripple elderly persons on your way to work.

“Wicked Consciousness” beats you senseless. The EP balance’s on the fine filthy line between Thrash, Death and Hardcore, now I don’t often use name-dropping, because every band deserves a listeners open mind. Yet the proto-death metal laid down by Master/Deathstrike thirty years ago comes to mind more than once. The 5-tracks are sharp and pointy, crystal clear produced and delivers more energy then 100 gallons of Red Bull.

The vokiller growls like he’s about to have a mental breakdown and is in desperate need for his benzodiazepines to take. The drummer tortures his kit with simple and precise effectiveness, not a beat or a hit has been spilled, everything in place with a great timing.

If you are feeling down and in lack of energy, then fuck ginseng, caffeine, coke and speed. Five doses of “Violent Resurrection” a day keeps your depression away. (Franki_boj)