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Vilespawn – Rotting Apparitions [Demo / Re-Release]

vilespawn – rotting apparitions [demo / re-release]


This new two-piece Death Metal band from Chile released their first three track-demo last summer independently via their digital platforms. Now it also got a physical release through the American-based Noxious Ruin label, they thought these tracks were well worth to be released on a regular cassette tape. And rightfully so…

Their crude Death Metal has similarities to a lot of European Old School Death Metal bands from the early 90’s. Not only because it has a somewhat similar raw sound, but also because it breathes the same atmosphere. If you close your eyes and let these three tracks sink in, you can just imagine this one being released about 30 years ago. But not from Chile though, it really does sound like a Finnish Death Metal demo-tape. It has clear influences from bands like Demilich and Demigod, in fact, it really sounds like a good jam-session of both bands together. It has the unorthodox, technical and hard-to-swallow kind of contrarianism within the use of riffs and (well-played and nicely inserted) melodies. But it also has that nice Demigod-like crunch and utterly deep vocals. Also add that gloomy atmosphere and some doomy lead melodies and you have yourself an idea of how Vilespawn sounds. They definitely have something to offer, this is not the sort of Death Metal that you run into very often. The nifty and crafty way the songs are written tells something about the vision the two gentlemen have with Vilespawn. They aim for an Old School feeling, but with enough space to display their musical creativity and abilities. And although the spacey keyboards, like on the outro on the second track, ‘Beyond The Realms Of Existence’, add some atmosphere to the music, it doesn’t go into Blood Incantation-esque realms of spaciness or overly Nocturnus-like madness. Instead, Vilespawn has pretty much an own identity, despite using all those familiar ingredients. This demo-tape is well worth picking up. (FelixS)


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