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Vile Insignia – Bestial Invocation

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Active since 2010 and with an Ep released in 2013 this Canadian Black/Death quintet brings us their most recent offering in the form of a full length album called “Bestial Invocation’. Pretty raw and with a crude sound production, the stuff we got here reminds me quite a bit of Destruktor and Belphegor probably. With frequent tempo changes, alternate combination of growls with screams (which I find really well achieved, especially the screams) and overall satanic concept, the album appears to be like a good piece of underground work. One element worth to mention is that even when the band ranges from slow or midtempo passages to some fast furious parts…it never gets to the point of uncontrolled chaos, which is good because is quite often to find bands praising this concept through shitty fast performance. The album contains 10 songs and about 60 mins of music, songs vary from 4 mins to even 10 mins long, conceptually speaking, topics deal with desecration, infernal matters, summoning of evilness…etc etc…special mention deserve tracks 9 (Bestial Invocation) and 10 (Morbid Tales of Bloodshed)…both are the ones where I feel the band’s evolving in terms of composition structures and with more identity…don’t take me wrong, the rest of the album is pretty good, but these two songs have certain personality that puts them above the rest. So there you got, I think these guys are on the right path to build some of their own trademark stuff…but while that happens…this Bestial Invocation piece of work, comes very well to your collection. (Master Butcher)